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BarCamp MediaCity

September 23, 2011 : Author : Jason


The team visited the BBC hosted BarCamp Media City last weekend. Great venue, good range of talks.

Particular faves were Patrick Robinson taking about the benefits of using the Lean Startup method and the Hodge talking about an event (think startups) involving hack days, lean methods and VC investment.

You can read an interview with Ian Forrester to find more about the aims of the event.

The Hodge talking thinkstartups

Second Open Labs' Google Breakfast Confirmed

September 22, 2011 : Author : Allison

Open Labs is, once again, delighted to have Developer Advocate @ Google, Paul Kinlan speak at our second breakfast event.

Paul will be talking about using Google APIs with Java, Python, Ruby & .Net on Friday 7th October @ DoES Liverpool. 

Doors open at 8am ... arrive on time for your Coffee & Bacon Buttie (don't worry, veggies will be catered for).

Spaces are limited due to venue, so if you want to come along, book your place today.


Liverpool Screen School collaborate with Future Artists 

September 13, 2011 : Author : Allison

Liverpool Screen School, in conjunction with Future Artists, is hosting a "Future Artists in Conversation" event on 3rd October, 6-8pm at the Art and Design Academy, LJMU.  

The speaker is Producer Mark Ashmore and he'll be expanding on the topic of ‘Project Lost Generation’ IP Law and Creative Commons.

If you're in anyway interested in or, need to know more about, IP Law, this would be worth attending. 

You'll need to register.


Google Advocate @ Open Labs Developer Breakfast Q&A

September 12, 2011 : Author : Allison

Open Labs is delighted to have secured Paul Kinlan, Advocate @ Google for an intimate 'audience with' breakfast event on Monday 26th September @ DoES Liverpool. 

This is your opportunity to get answers to all your 'google' related questions.  Paul is inviting you to submit your questions in advance of the event.

Registration is essential and spaces are limited due to the venue .... so if you want to come along, book your place today.


Open Labs sponsors BarCamp Media City UK

September 8th, 2011 : Author : Allison

Barcamp Media City Logo

Open Labs are one of the sponsors of the upcoming Barcamp Media City in Salford. 

If you have never been to a BarCamp before this is your chance to experience one and then perhaps run one yourself.  Barcamp's are great fun always attract a varied and interesting range of folk.  The key thing to remember about a Barcamp, it's all about the people.

In essence a BarCamp is a group of enthusiastic people who gather to share their knowledge about technology and anything else they are interested in. They do this by attending presentations given by other attendees – and giving presentations themselves too. Presentations can be as formal or informal as you like. You can go to any session you like, and if you don’t find a session interesting, you can leave and go to another. Everyone is encouraged to give a session or participate in whatever way they can. When sessions aren’t running, there’s usually other fun stuff happening: food and drink, games, conversation, silliness, and people hacking on projects. Don’t be afraid, join in.  There’s always lots of good stuff going on at BarCamp and you're guarnateed a great time. 


Google Advocate @ Breakfast Q&A

September 8th, 2011 : Author : Allison

Open Labs is delighted to have secured Paul Kinlan, Advocate @ Google for an intimate 'audience with' breakfast event.  Details coming very soon. 

JellyLiverpool goes to twice a month

September 8th, 2011 : Author : Allison

JellyLiverpool logo

This is Liverpool's local co-working event and due to its popularity, as of September, JellyLiverpool goes twice a month.

We’re sticking with the first Thursday of the month but now adding on the 3rd Thursday of the month as well.

So the next JellyLiverpool is taking place on Thursday,  15th Sept.  Come & join the ‘happening set’ in Liverpool for a day of co-working @ Leaf Tea Shop on Bold St.  We'll be there 9-5pm but you can along and work for as short or as long a time as you like and there is no need to register.  Free Coffee Free Wifi.

Newcomers made very welcome, and if this is your first time at JellyLiverpool, here’s some background….

JellyLiverpool enables delegates to escape their normal working environment, be that the spare room, rented desk space or usual café and join in what has become the co-working event that enables people to make new contacts in an informal way whilst still allowing them to work on their deadlines and maintain productivity. 


Programme of Events

September 8th, 2011 : Author : Allison

Open Labs are excitedly drawing up a programme of events among which will include event such as themed Hack Days where attendees will be given access to the latest equipment and expertise working around briefs identified through emerging technologies and their application potential.

As well as the Hack Days we hosting a series of Breakfast Events where you can hear from local entrepreneurs who will pass on their experience on the dos and don'ts of success.

Some events will give you access, on a small scale, to people working in industry giants, such as Google, where you can quiz them on their insider knowledge and gain an understanding of where future investments of both time and technologies are heading from the perspective of major industry players.

Don't miss out.  Check out our programme of events and sign up now.

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