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NWC Connected Health Ecosystem Event

The 3rd North West Coast of England Connected Health Ecosystem event will take place on the 20th January 2015 at Liverpool John Moores University's Open labs from 9am until 1pm.

The event will focus on how the ecosystem can work together to achieve better integrated Health and Social Care by reviewing and learning from others, examining where we are now and agreeing actions to improve.

More information and Registration here. 20 January, 2015


Previous Events:

Sensor City Launch

Open Labs hosted the launch of a new hi-tech business hub that could create 1,000 jobs and house 300 new businesses over the next decade.

A collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool, Sensor City will see the creation of a sensor-systems business incubator in a bespoke 2,500m2 building in the Copperas Hill redevelopment zone.

The Sensor City Industry Event, at Open Labs base in the Liverpool Science Park, provided an opportunity to learn more about a University Enterprise Zone (UEZ) seeking to become a major influence on the future of hi-tech business around sensor technologies.

Read more about the day here



 Event Complete 10 December, 2014

Digital Maze Competition Final

Liverpool’s Citrus Suite, an award winning mobile technology company, won the Digital Maze Competition earlier this month with a solution for people living with dementia. Technology companies in the region were set a challenge at IFB 2014 and supported over the summer by Open Labs and social innovation company SoMo to develop a proposal and to pitch this to an expert panel. Citrus Suite was awarded the £10K prize plus mentoring from the competition partners for their assisted living technology platform ReMind Me.


Read more about the event here.

Event complete  5 December, 2014

Civic Drones Programme: Aerial Cinematography for the Film and Television Industries

As a follow up to their talk during the Summer, Open Labs invited local Aerial Cinematographers IronBird to give a more in depth overview of flying for aerial cinematography - this included an overview of the opportunities and challenges and a flight demo at a site in Liverpool. The event targeted companies operating in the TV and Film industries who wished to gain a greater understanding of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and how they can be applied to their work.

Event complete 17 November, 2014

GeoVation Housing Challenge: Open Data Masterclass

Open Labs hosted Ordnance Survey's Open Data Masterclass. The workshop gave businesses the chance to get to grips with digital mapping data and understand how it can support their businesses, products, services and applications. The Masterclass supported the latest GeoVation Challenge, which asked for solutions on ‘How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?’ The latest challenge is being run in partnership with Land Registry and it is hoped that the Masterclass will help people gain a greater understanding of open data and the tools and techniques to use open datasets.
Event complete 23 October, 2014

North West Digital Health Challenge 2014

Open Labs worked with social innovation company So-Mo to deliver the North West Digital Health Challenge. National and regional partners set a number of health and care related challenges aimed at encouraging innovation in new digital applications or services. 12 companies pitched their digital products and services for health and social care – 5 of these won the opportunity to attend Digital Health 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Read more about the day here. 


Event complete 12 August 2014

Healthy Apps Workshop

  Open Labs worked with the NWC AHSN and 5050partnership to deliver the 'healthy apps workshop' - the aim was to begin to identify which issues clinicians / operations / management wish to address with apps and to strengthen relationhips between these group and companies developing apps for health.
Event complete

24 July 2014


Civic Drones Programme: Aerial Cinematography for Film and Television

Open Labs’ Civic Drones Programme continued with a talk by local aerial film makers Iron Bird who talked about their use of remotely piloted aircraft for the television and film industry.


Event complete

21 July 2014


The Digital Maze


As part of the International Business of Health week at the International Festival of Business 2014, Open Labs worked with social innovation company So-Mo to deliver an 'unconference' at the Museum of Liverpool that explored how innovative use of technology and new ways of working can support people to live longer, healthier and more independent lives. It began to unpick the question of how to get eHealth innovations embedded into routine health and social care services.

You can read more about the unconference and see the film of the day here.


Event Complete

3 July 2014


Collaborate to Innovate

As part of the International Festival for Business Science & Technology week, Open Labs supported open innovation consultancy and multinational company Unilever to host a free event at Liverpool Science Park on 26 June 2014 to introduce the concept of open innovation portals to technology innovators, and how they could learn more about the technology needs of large companies and engage with them for potential collaborations.

Many large companies look to external sources to solve their innovation needs, with many actively soliciting technical solutions, products and business ideas from innovators, customers, suppliers, and the broader marketplace of technology providers through Open Innovation Portals. Externally managed open innovation portals provide a single point of entry for these potential solutions, while offering protection from IP (intellectual property) contamination to the solution seeker, and non-disclosure of confidential information to the solution provider.

The free event highlighted the technology needs of Unilever and other large companies, and gave innovators the insight and opportunity to submit their potential solutions non-confidentially.

Event Complete

  26 June 2014


Civic Drones Programme Launch



This launch event featured talks on the many applications of UAS. Two of the Conservation Drones team presented; LJMU’s Professor Serge Wich discussed the applications of UAS within conservation research and Flight Riot’s Brenden Duffy discussed their various geospatial applications.

The event concluded with Open Labs's Andy Goodwin providing an overview of the opportunities to explore and experiment with UAS over the summer for researchers, technology companies and prospective customers of UAS services.

Event Complete

20 June 2014


UK TI Brazilian Business Delegation Visit

Open Labs hosted a visit from a delegation of technology businesses from Brazil interested in developing research links and opportunities for investment. Speaking at the UKTI arranged visit to Liverpool Science Park were Open Labs’ Jason Taylor, LJMU’s Director of Research and Innovation; Professor Andy Young and Kevin McManus from Liverpool Vision. The companies were briefed on the opportunities associated with working in partnership with the University and local technology companies and the benefits of employing local graduates. Discussions were broad but there was significant interest in the University’s research portfolio and the skills of the technology companies in the region plus some prospective collaborations are being explored further.
Event complete

13 May 2014


Parliamentary Round Table - Smart Cities


Open Labs were delighted to participate in a Parliamentary Round Table event on Smart Cities in the UK: Innovation, Integration and Implementation in the House of Commons, Westminster. Smart Cities are cities in which the various independent systems which make them run are integrated together through information technology. The goal of integration is to make cities run more efficiently on all levels, from reducing congestion to cutting healthcare costs. The smart city concept has had a demonstrable impact in cities around the world. 80% of global GDP is generated in cities, so in order to keep up with our global competitors, Britain needs to ‘buy in’ to the smart city revolution. Participating in this roundtable event was an opportunity to highlight Open Labs’ business engagement strategy which helps local businesses in Liverpool and the North West connect with one another to produce smarter future cities to benefit the wider Digital Economy.

Participating in the above mentioned New Statesman roundtable event was an opportunity to highlight Open Labs’ business engagement strategy. Open Labs’ Director, Lindsay Sharples, was delighted Professor Ahmed al-Shamma'a, Professor Serge Wich and Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Robin Leatherbarrow, accompanied the Open Labs’ team to Westminster. Professor Leatherbarrow also had the opportunity to speak at the event which was attended by David Willets MP and other expert guest panelists. This was a great opportunity for LJMU and Open Labs to gain special insights into tech related government policies and exciting collaborations between academia and industry as well as share best practices with the wider community of academia, industry leaders, MPs, Journalists, tech industry leaders and tech advocates. A subsequent article on the Smart Cities Roundtable event features in the New Statesman Special Tech Issue. The theme of which is Britain’s Tech Spring.

Event complete

9 April 2014


Merseyside Committee’s Quarterly British Computer Society

Open Labs, in partnership with other organisations, were privileged to host a variety of key events in Liverpool’s Science Park such as the Merseyside Committee’s quarterly British Computer Society event where Keynote speaker, Josef Bacher (Managing Partner of Quantum of Value) spoke about his wealth of experience in information technology as well as his knowledge of organisational challenges.  His talk, entitled 'Technical and Business Debt', included all sorts of useful shortcuts developers and testers use to get things out on time - a huge interest to anyone who develops or manages the development of software.
Event complete

30 April 2014


Future Cities - Internet of Things & Open Data Symposium (FIOS2014)


FIOS 2014 explored the development of infrastructure for our Future Cities and the next generation of services that can utilize them. The event brought together delegates from the technology sector, local government and university researchers to combine expertise and explore how cutting-edge technology can enhance day-to-day life in the city. Open Labs' partners were the Technology Strategy Board, colleagues from our School of Engineering and Maritime Operations, BT and Aimes Grid Services.

Event complete

February 26, 2014


Novel Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Workshop


Open Labs @ LJMU were delighted to host a workshop with Professor Serge Wich from the University Research Centre in Evolutionary Anthropology and Palaeoecology who took the opportunity to share his experience of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in his primate biology studies with the wider LJMU research community.

He spoke extensively and enthusiastically about the development and positive application of drone technologies across a range of conservation programmes.

Conservation drones are inexpensive, autonomous and operator-friendly UAVs utilised in surveying and for mapping forests and biodiversity. Non-technical operators can programme each mission by defining waypoints along a flight path using open-source software.

More images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Workshop.


Event complete

May 13, 2013





Event complete

March 21 - 22, 2013


Dan Pink


Open Labs welcomed the internationally renowned Dan Pink to LJMU. His visit was part of Open Labs' programme to bring key influencers frm the world stage to the Liverpool City Region. Pink was famously Al Gore's speech writer, and in 2011 was named one of the 5 most influential management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50.


Event complete

February 28, 2013


TEDxLiverpool 2013

TEDxLiverpool 2013.


Event complete

February 7, 2013


NHS Hack Weekend


Open Labs worked in partnership with Open Health Care UK to host Liverpool's first NHS Hack weekend.

The weekend brought together software developers, doctors and health care leaders to create disruptive solutions to problems in the health space. The weekend started with practitioners presenting issues and barriers they experience in their everyday life in the NHS. Multi-disciplinary teams including software developers and coders then worked together to propose and devise innovative solutions to these real world problems.

Event complete

September, 2012


OggCamp 12


Open Labs were delighted to be part of the great team who brought OggCamp12 to LJMU’s Art & Design Academy.

OggCamp is an ever growing free culture unconference organised by a bunch of volunteers including Dan Lynch of HowWhyDiy. At this event there were opportunities to mingle with key people from Raspberry Pi, Canonical, Mozilla, The Ubuntu Podcast, Linux Outlaws and Google and browse all sorts of Linux and open source goodies.

Event complete

August 18 - 19, 2012


Thinking Digital Conference Livecast 2012

 Thinking Digital Conference Livecast 2012.



Event complete

May 29 - 31, 2012


Hack for Culture


Hack for Culture brought arts & cultural organisations (including the Bluecoat, Everyman Playhouse, FACT, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool Philharmonic, Tate Liverpool and Unity Theatre) together with Merseyside's Digital and Creative industries to explore and experiment with a wide variety of hidden cultural data sets. 


Teams made up of designers and developers and staff from arts organisations designed and prototyped innovative products and services that utilised a variety of data sets that addressed cultural challenges and proposed new ways to work together in the future. Teams pitched their projects on the Sunday to a specialist panel with a range of prizes provided by the arts organisations above.


Event complete

March 3 - 4, 2012





Event complete

February 4, 2012

Body Lab


Researchers from the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology spent a hands-on 'Body Lab' day with a group of independent technologists, demonstrating how real-time physiological data can be used to influence the user experience. This growing area of research is already having an impact on the design of games, mobile applications and self-tracking systems.

Dr Stephen Fairclough, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology commented:

"Body Lab was an excellent platform to share our research with an audience beyond academia and discuss potential applications. There's clearly an opportunity for further collaboration with Open Labs and local digital and creative technology companies."

You can hear more about the workshops' subject matter in this podcast of an interview with LJMU researchers Dr Stephen Fairclough and Kiel Gilleade (access the transcript of the interview here).

Event complete

February 29, 2012


Film Master Class

Film Master Class.


Event complete

January, 2012

Google Workshops

Google Workshops" reddotinternalurl=">Google Workshops">Google Workshops.


Event complete

October, 2012


Thinking Digital Conference Livecast 2011

Thinking Digital Conference Livecast 2011.


Event complete

May, 2011


Fab Camp Liverpool

Fab Camp Liverpool.


Event complete

January 29 - 30, 2011


Hacks meet Hackers

Open Labs worked with Scraperwiki (a data science business; visualising, analysing and managing data from thousands of sources) on their ‘Hacks meet Hackers’ programme to catalyse relationships between academics from our Journalism department and School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, developers from local companies and journalists.

Hacks meet Hackers.


Event complete

July, 2010


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