International Alumnus Publishes Two Pieces of Work

 June 2012

French Alumnus Christophe Bonnet (MA European Studies, 2001) currently works as a writer and translator in Lyon.

Christophe has an interest in European politics, having advised the French Government on Treaty plans furthering EU Integration.

Christophe has written two novels which have been published in Paris. Les Condamnés, is a love story set against the backdrop a system of governance where fear and capital punishment are still in place. The story follows the quest of one man whose job was to execute in the name of law and his moral struggle to be a better person. Carnet de Voyages is an account of two Italian students travel adventure between France and Poland taking in Hungary, Czech Republic, and Croatia along the way.

Christophe advises that anyone interested in language and culture should get stuck in “Language is like a swimming pool, the hardest part is to get in the swimming pool but once you’re in you tend to manage to swim because you have to and immersion does give you an edge.”

Christophe hopes to go on to complete a PhD and spend more time writing, both novels and academic texts. Les Condamnés, and Carnet de voyages are available on or

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