City Campus & School Facilities

The School of the Built Environment is located in the LJMU City Campus, on two sites, Byrom Street (Cherie Booth Building, Peter Jost Centre, James Parsons Building) and Webster Street (Henry Cotton Building). These are located by one of the main gateways into Liverpool city centre.

There has been over £250,000 of investment in modern laboratory and teaching facilities for the School in the last two years.

The School has the following dedicated facilities available to its students and staff :

  • IT and Design Suites
  • Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Surveying Classroom
  • Concrete Laboratory
  • Geotechnics Laboratory
  • Hydraulics Laboratory
  • Environmental Physics Laboratory


As well as these facilities, the School (particularly the BEST Research Centre) has been further augmented by a series of collaborations which have enabled Built Environment staff and students to access the facilities of the Schools of Biomolecular Science and Engineering, as well as core LJMU facilities.



Page last modified 08 October 2010.

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