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Criminal Records Bureau Disclosures

Enhanced CRB Disclosures are required by students who will work with children or vulnerable adults.    Students who need a CRB and have not applied for one will not be able to undertake their work placement.. Please look at the links below for further information.

Faculty Information regarding CRB Checks

Where to apply for a CRB – new and existing Faculty students

LJMU Criminal Convictions Policy and Procedure

Placement Information for (QTS) Trainee Teachers’ Work Related Experience

Click on the link to access information for Initial Teach Training:  The information is sorted under the following headings:

A1 Contacts and Dates  
A2 The LJMU Training Model 
A3 Roles and Responsibilities 
A4 Professional Expectations of Trainee Teachers 
B1-B6 Programme Specific Information
C2  Forms for Trainees
D1-D2 Assessing Performance
E Training Activities: Primary and Secondary Programmes
F1-F5 Primary and Secondary Handbooks 

QTS Work Related Experience Placement Dates

The attached calendar displays the placement dates for timetabled QTS work related experience placements within the Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure.

Employer and School (Non QTS) Work Related Learning/Placements

 Work Related Learning gives students the opportunity to gain valuable experience and to use and develop the skills learned at University in the real work place.  Our feedback indicates that providers and students both benefit from Work Related Learning. Click onto the links for more information

Work Related Learning placements involve an agreement between the  placement provider, the University and the student. Please see the attached Faculty Work Related Learning Code of Practice for further information and Overview of Work Related Learning for the Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure

Health & Safety and Insurance

The University complies with the standards set out in its Health and Safety Codes of Practice.  For Health and Safety and Insurance purposes, students on placement are regarded as staff members  at the organisation hosting the placement. Please see document SPC23 'Placement of Students for Work Experience' and other relevant documents in the attached link

Page last modified 25 September 2014.

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