Activities and projects undertaken through the CETL have been many and varied, they include:

  • the construction of two new state of the art learning spaces

  • the implementation of a sabbatical and secondment scheme, as part of the CETL’s reward and recognition strategy, that has supported significant personal, professional and curriculum development

  • comprehensive curriculum reviews leading to the development of a model for embedding employability and a transformation of the student induction process

  • the implementation, evaluation and expansion of innovative projects aimed at bringing the workplace in to the University

  • the use of technology to facilitate staff and student learning, including a collaborative venture with Temple University, Philadelphia

  • the expansion of placement provision and increased connectivity with placement providers

  • the creation of Student Enterprise Fellowship awards coupled with curriculum-based opportunities for the development of enterprise skills

Further detail about these activities and others are given through the right-hand menu options.   

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Page last modified 15 March 2012.

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