Research in the Centre for Tourism, Events and Food Studies

This centre has an international reputation for its research in nutrition and vegetarianism, biochemistry of nutrition, food hygiene, dietary behaviour and measurement. Dr. Diane Grant’s research through the Gender Discrimination and Ageist Perceptions research programme supported by LJMU and European Social Objective 3 funding is investigating why many women still experience job segregation and pay discrimination in the workplace and includes the identification of the internal and external forces that result in the discrimination of people, particularly women over the age of fifty. This research has caught the media’s attention with Dr.Grant appearing on Channel Four 30 Minutes programme with Rosie Boycott. Dr. Allan Hackett (Reader in Community Nutrition) has researched extensively into Nutrition, Obesity, Dietary guidelines and food policy, especially with regard to children and young people; contributed to University of Liverpool courses on MPub.Health; M.Sc Tropical Paediatrics and Postgraduate Vocational Training in general dental practice, Wirral and he managed projects such as the School Meals Project (Knowsley MBC); South Liverpool PCT: evaluation; and SportsLinx, Liverpool City.

The development of Tourism and Leisure Programmes has led to the recruitment of staff who are developing a research record in social policy, and the sociological and managerial aspects of that subject with a particular strength in Urban Tourism. There is a newly established Tourism and Leisure Consultancy Group. The diversity of research activity reflects the strength of its interdisciplinary research. These strengths also attract significant partners in the food, nutrition, and leisure industries as well as voluntary groups and charities concerned with subject areas such as health, tourism and poverty. Close international relationships have also been developed with partner institutions particularly in Scandinavia, Spain, and Cyprus, Staff also influence national and international research agendas through high quality publications, presentations and prestigious positions in their subject associations and groups. Furthermore the range of projects and research staff adds a significant cultural and socio-economic dimension to research in the faculty as a whole. The Annual Consumer Sciences conference was held in July 2005 at LJMU and a special edition of the International Journal of Consumer Sciences is in preparation to highlight papers. In July 2006 the research findings from GDAP were presented at a conference which was widely reported. It attracted the attention of government and may influence future policy.

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