Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Developing students as entrepreneurs, is an integral theme is being developed as part of the CETL. Initially the main impact was to work with programme teams to integrate external based development/ business plans and delivery projects into the curriculum.
Currently the working group aim to build a capacity for enterprise / entrepreneurship both in and out of the curriculum through:

  • Developing 'Live Projects' within the curriculum across all subjects
  • Establishing enterprising opportunities for students that lock into curriculum
  • Encouraging students to enter LJMU student enterprise events
  • Developing a series of faculty events
  • Developing ' Live ideas', where students plan and run their own events and sessions
  • Looking at the sustainability of the 'Start' Companies

The enterprise working group meets monthly on a Thursday morning, and is led by Track Dinning, Business Development Manager CETL.
Members of the Enterprise working group:

Simon Bicknell                           
Andy Boorman                            
Angie Walton                            
Louise Williams                               


Page last modified 02 October 2009.

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