About Liverpool John Moores University

What is LJMU?

LJMU stands for Liverpool John Moores University. The University took its name from Sir John Moores, the founder of the Littlewoods empire, Sir John was a big supporter of the creation of opportunity for all; the very ethos of LJMU.

As an international student:

The University has established very effective support systems for international students. If you haven’t visited the University webpage; www.ljmu.ac.uk/international then please do. Here you will find important and helpful information on:

  • The University
  • The City
  • Courses
  • Support
  • Accommodation
  • Student Profiles
  • How to Apply
  • Assistance with Money Matters
  • Arriving in Liverpool
  • Who to contact
  • Chinese translation
  • Arabic translation

I do not want to duplicate this information here but is important for you to have an informed idea of the Faculty, our programmes and the experience of our international students.

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