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NMC information

'The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the UK regulator for two professions: nursing and midwifery' (NMC 2009 p 5).

Key tasks of the NMC:

  • Maintain a register of nurses and midwives.
  • Set standards and guidelines for education, conduct, performance and ethics.
  • Provide advice on professional standards.
  • Consider allegations of lack of fitness to practice due to misconduct, lack of competence or ill health (NMC 2008)

Registration with the NMC is essential to be able to work in the United Kingdom as a nurse or midwife. To remain on the register the midwife must comply with the Prep standards relating to practice and continuing professional development. The practice element requires that the midwife must have undertaken 450 hours work in the previous 3 years that relates to their qualification and complete and submit their Intention to Practice. The continuing professional development part requires that the midwife must have undertaken 35 hours of learning activity within the previous 3 years and maintain an up to date personal professional profile which the NMC can audit if required (NMC 2008).

Midwifery Specific NMC Information

Generic NMC Information

LJMU (PLSU) information

The Practice Learning Support Unit (PLSU) is responsible for the allocation of placements and notification of these to students via the appropriate programme notice boards. The PLSU is also responsible for monitoring all student sickness, absence and attendance in both School and Placement Areas. We process student travel claims, where appropriate. We are the first point of contact for any queries you may have regarding your placements.

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