Paramedic Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find who the link lecturer for a placement area is?
Refer to the PLSS website, look for the placement and you will then be able to identify the link lecturer -

2. How can I obtain a blank placement audit document?
Again, you can refer to the PLSS website - If you click on the support tab, then on manuals you will be able to download copies of the audit documentation.

3. What process should be followed for a student needing additional support in practice?
Discuss with the student what type of support they require. Identify who best to contact to get that support i.e. Student Support, Practice Education Facilitator, Personal Tutor etc. and then obtain some details.

4. How many hours does the student need to work in practice each week?
When on hub placements (non-NWAS) the student must complete 7½ hours for each day in practice. When on spoke placements (NWAS) the student will usually complete 11½ per shift. Students must complete 22½ hours per week in practice.

5. Have the students had recent CRB checks?
Yes, all students undergo an enhanced CRB check before they start their programme; that includes existing NWAS staff who step on to year two of the programme.

6. Should I inform someone/ who should I inform if the student does not attend placement?
The student should inform the practice area and the placement department at LJMU if they are unable to attend. If the practice area have not been informed they can contact placements at LJMU on 0800 074 0644 or alternatively 0151 231 4089/ 0151 231 4136

7. What documentation should the student have with them when they come on placement?
The student should bring with them: An attendance record which should be signed at the end each practice day, their Practice Achievement Document (PAD) which corresponds with the module of study and their Practice Achievement Record (PAR), relating to their current practice module.

8. Who should sign their practice achievement documents?
The Paramedic mentors will sign the students as competent. However, if the opportunity arises for the student to practice a skill in a hub placement under direct supervision, then the person supervising can sign the student as practiced.

9. Do the students have mandatory/annual updates?
Yes, all students complete BLS, infection control, manual handling, communication/ conflict resolution and health & safety on commencement of each year before being allowed into practice.

10. Where can I access further information about Paramedic students specifically?
Log on to for Paramedic placement provider specific information.

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Page last modified 24 August 2012.

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