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AP(E)L (Accredited Prior (Experiential) Learning) enables students to gain recognition and academic credit for prior learning. This may include previous certificated learning or learning by experience.  Either can be formally mapped and matched against specific learning outcomes.

Staff should encourage students to consider their previous learning, and whether or not they may be entitled to be awared credit agains ttheir current or proposed programme of study.  In judging an AP(E)L request, it is important to consider the following:

  • authenticity - did the student really do what they have claimed
  • directness - is the focus of  learning is appropriate
  • breadth - that the learning is appropriately contextualised
  • quality - that the learning meets an acceptable academic level
  • currency - that the learning is contemporary

Full details of the AP(E)L processes are available in the UMF regulations Volume 2.


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