No Longer Needed - Please Delete - Student Appeals

It's important to note that students cannot appeal against academic judgement.  In other words, disagreements over marks, decisions on progression or final award classification will not consitute grounds for an appeal, unless there is evidence that students have been treated unfairly.  This means that the student has to establish that there has been a material administrative error, that the assessments were not conducted in accordance with current regulations or that some other material irregularity has occurred.  Therefore, it is true to say that students can only win an appeal when something goes wrong.  In light of this, it is crucial that the correct procedures are followed throughout the assessment process, and that every effort is made to ensure all students are treated equally and in an appropriate manner.  For full details, please see UMF regulations, Appendix D

In general, students are keen to resolve problems quickly and without recourse to formal procedures.  Hence, when students find themselves in this position, it is important to take a supportive approach.  Impartial information for students is available on the LJMUweb and from the LSU


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