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The university defines programme self assessment (PSA) as the process whereby a programme team:

  • evaluates the performance of the programme against its aims and objectives

  • utilises a range of evidence both qualitative and quantitative to inform this evaluation

  • highlights effective practice

  • devises an improvement plan.

The process is intended to promote a self critical approach to programme evaluation, identifying both strengths and weaknesses, resulting in quality improvement. This is achieved through the Programme Self Assessment and Action Document (PSAAD).

PSA is a continuous process which should be undertaken throughout the year by programme teams. There is a specified point in the academic calander when the outcomes for the self assessment exercise are finalised and forwarded, via the PSAAD for the appropriate action and consideration by the school, the faculty and the institution.

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Reports should be submitted to the Quality Team and to the Director of Academic Delivery.

The process of annual monitoring is being reviewed by the university and there are likely to be changes during the next academic year. There will be briefing sessions throughout the year as information becomes available.

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