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Collaborative provision refers to any credit bearing programmes that are delivered at a partner institution.  Partnerships are formed in order that students undertaking relevant programmes can achieve an LJMU award.  In most cases the majority, if not all, teaching and assessment is undertaken by staff from the partner institution.  Examples of such institutions are: NHS trusts, FE colleges, international colleges and universities. 

Programmes offered in partner organisisations are subject to UMF regulations.  A system of link tutors is in place to maintain quality assurance and enhancement.  In addition to the LJMU support mechanisms, this Faculty has established a link tutors' support network to establish and disseminate good practice.  It also provides opportunities for tutors to discuss issue of concern.  

The nature of management structure for of collaborative provision is dependent upon whether the partner is within the European Union or outside the EU.  For further information, please see the Collaborative Partnership webpages.

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