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In September 2007 the University launched three initiatives aimed at enhancing and adding value to the student experience in all undergraduate programmes of at least 240 credits.  These are;

• Graduate Skills

• Work-related Learning

• World of Work (WoW) Skills

Through maximising the opportunities that programmes provide for students to learn about themselves, to develop and practise skills and to experience the world of work, these initiatives encourage and enable students to develop those skills demanded and valued by employers.  Please note that the work-related skills referred to here are generic and, though obviously linked to professional practice, differ from professional skills and competencies.

Key factors in realising these objectives are:

• Making the development of skills more explicit within the curriculum.

• Providing students with the opportunities to practise skills and to receive feedback.

• Enabling students to reflect on, and articulate, the skills that they have developed while undertaking their university programme.

• Providing opportunities for students to develop their self-awareness and confidence as independent learners.

• Providing opportunities for all students to transfer skills into work-related contexts.  This is particularly important as many students gain employment in fields unrelated to their subject of study.

• Valuing experiences gained outside the curriculum as a means of providing opportunities to develop and evidence transferable skills.

The Faculty of Health and Applied Social Sciences is committed to these initiatives and to enhancing the student experience for our students.  Please follow the links on the right-hand side of this page for further information or contact the Faculty’s Skills Support Officer .


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