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Communication of News and Faculty Publications

We are achieving great things as a faculty, so it is important that we communicate these to the outside world as well as each other.  Whether your story is about outstanding research, work with partners or innovative students we want to know about it so that we can share the good news.  If you are aware of any good news stories please email

By communicating good news stories we can ensure that the University Press Office is alerted and press releases are issued. Stories will also be included on the faculty news web pages and in appropriate faculty and University publications or e-bulletins.

Faculty publications include:

  • The Vine Magazine - a biannual magazine aimed at staff and students in the Faculty of Health and Applied Social Sciences community.
  • Reach magazine - a biannual magazine for stakeholders, partners and anyone interested in what we are achieving in the health and applied social sciences arena.

Handling the media

If you are approached by the media you must contact the University Press Office for advice on handling enquiries and to ensure that they are aware of any media activity.

Page last modified 24 August 2012.

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