Faculty Events

If you plan on holding an event or conference, please ensure that you email health-marketing@ljmu.acuk to advise about the nature of the event, number of delegates/attendees and the date of the event so that Corporate Communications can be informed and press releases or other publicity can be arranged if appropriate. This will also ensure that the event is advertised on the Faculty and Corporate web pages.

Support available to staff involved in recruitment events includes;

  • Faculty event folders
  • Faculty display stands
  • Faculty merchandise (dependent on event)
  • Faculty information leaflets
  • Refreshments (dependent on event)
  • Course information request forms
  • Faculty presentation (Laptop, projector and screen to be booked through media)
  • Faculty table cloths and runners
  • Invitation or information distribution
  • Artwork for flyers, posters and other promotional material (content must be supplied)

To book any of the above please email health-marketing@ljmu.ac.uk.

Click here for an event planning check list to guide you through all the steps of planning an event at LJMU.

For more information about the support available to staff please email health-marketing@ljmu.ac.uk

Conference and Event services

Depending on budget available for the event you may wish to contact LJMU Conference and Event Services to assist with the organisation of the event.

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