Recruitment events

The faculty holds and attends many different recruitment events such as:
  • University Open Days (undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • Discovery and Experience days
  • Nursing and Midwifery Information Sessions
  • Trust Open Days
  • Summer Schools
  • Stands at local, national and international events in specific subject areas

If you become aware of an external event in your subject area and feel that it would be worth the Faculty attending then please contact the Marketing and Communications Manager, Katherine Geer, to discuss arrangements. Katherine can be contacted on 0151 231 4140.

Support is available to staff involved in recruitment events, this includes:

  • Faculty display stands
  • Faculty merchandise
  • Faculty information leaflets
  • Refreshments (dependent on event)
  • Information request forms
  • Faculty presentation (Laptop, projector and screen to be booked through media)
  • Faculty table cloths and runners
  • Invitation or information distribution to schools and FE colleges
  • Direct mail or email campaigns to current LJMU students, alumni, schools, employers and other contact databases
  • Production of course information leaflets

If you require any of the above support or would like more information please contact the Faculty Marketing, Communications and Recruitment Manager.




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