Promotional literature

The faculty produces a broad range of promotional literature for a wide variety of audiences.  In order to remain consistent and professional, all promotional literature MUST be produced in the corporate style and should therefore be produced by Marketing and Corporate Communications or the Faculty Media Team.  Please see the list below for guidance on which team to contact for your piece of work: 

Faculty Marketing and Communications Team

Display stands
Recruitment material

Contact Katherine Geer, Faculty Marketing and Communications Manager by calling 231 4140 or emailing

Faculty Media Team

Document front covers

Contact the media team by calling 231 4128 or emailing

Brief and Timescales

You will need to provide Corporate Communications and the media team with a clear brief of the work you require, along with the content for the work. The team need at least 3 weeks notice for any work submitted so please ensure you incorporate this into the planning stages of any activity you are arranging and give the team as much notice as possible.

Please ensure that all artwork is sent to for approval, prior to going to print.

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