Student Award Scheme - Nominations are now closed. Thankyou.

Who wins? You decide...

The nominations are now closed. Thankyou.

The Faculty is rightly proud of the considerable achievements of its students and has decided to institute a series of Faculty-wide student awards that recognise these.  The awards focus on a wide range of potential accomplishments by students. Details for each award are available by clicking the relevant links to the right.

Nomination for awards can be made by anyone (including the student her or himself) depending of the award category. Nominations need to be supported by evidence of how the award criteria have been met. All nominations will be reviewed by a dedicated awards panel (Click here to find out about this).

The awards ceremony will be on Thursday 11th July 2013 (the day before graduation).

I want to nominate a student (Click here to access the online nomination form).

I want to nominate a placement area (Click here to access the online nomination form – please note only students can nominate for this award).

The closing date for nominations is 3rd June 2013.

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