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The Resistance: Bedroom Tax, Welfare Caps and The State
October 14th 5pm-7pm Liverpool John Moores University Room G01 John Foster Building,
98 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5UZ

One year on since the introduction of welfare reforms - such as welfare caps, bedroom tax and the reassessment of incapacity benefits - we have witnessed a collective struggle where communities have joined forces to resist the state and protect our rights to housing, privacy and family life. People experiencing mental health issues and physical disabilities, single female headed households, tenants between the ages of 16 and 35 and tenants housed in high rent areas have so far been hit the hardest by these welfare reforms. This session invites people to relate experiences of community-based protests and what the future holds for these. It will do so by drawing upon the approaches and tactics used so far by activists, housing experts, lawyers and academics to support communities who have been gravely and directly affected by welfare reforms. For more information please click here

Sites of Confinement
22nd March 2013 Liverpool John Moores University 68 Hope Street, Liverpool

This day conference offers an opportunity to critically discuss increases in the uses of confinement and incarceration in relation to neoliberalism, globally as well as in the UK. With activists, researchers and academics working in prisons, detention centres and camps, it will consider the roles of social structures, power, and lived experience in relation to confinement. Importantly, this conference will consider increases in incarceration as a method of social control in areas of extreme deprivation, as well as with marginalised groups. To register for the event: and to download the event programme please click here.

North West Policing Symposium
Wednesday 20th February 2013 Venue: 68 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BZ

The event will showcase innovative, interdisciplinary policing scholarship being produced by universities and policing stakeholders across the North West. The symposium provides a platform for supportive discussion, building professional relationships and directing research informed teaching practices. It is targeted at universities and policing stakeholders nationally. Click here to download the event programme. This event is free to attend but registration is required. Click here  to download the poster with the link to the registration page.

Bhopal Survivors Tour (Includes screening of the film BHOPALI)
2pm – 5pm Sunday 23rd September 2012 Venue: 68 Hope Street, L1 9BZ
As part of their ongoing international campaign for justice, the Bhopal Survivors tour is visiting the North West and we are delighted to welcome Safreen Khan (Children Against Dow-Carbide) and Balkrishna Namdev (Destitute Pensioners' Front) to LJMU. We also welcome further guests including speakers from Merseyside Asbestos Victim Support Group and Merseyside Hazards and Environment Centre. The afternoon will include a free screening - the first in the UK outside London - of the award winning film BHOPALI, short presentations and a Q&A session with the Bhopali survivors. The event is free but in order for us to cater for the event please register your attendance online at Eventbrite. The event is hosted by LJMU The Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion. With special thanks to: UNISON, GMB, UCATT, UNITE, UCU, John Pickering and Partners and Irwin Mitchell solicitors. Click here to download the event flyer/poster.  A report on the Bhopal survivors tour is available here. Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs' book entitled Bhopal: Flowers on the Altar of Profit and Power is available to purchase from All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

ESRC Festival of Social Science week: Youth Justice Knowledge Exchange
Wednesday 7th November 2012

As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science Dr Janet Jamieson has been awarded a small grant to host and facilitate a day long event which will entail a series of workshops on issues of youth justice hosted by The Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation, and Social Exclusion (CCSE) at LJMU. The workshops will be led by service users from and/or trained by User Voice to engage young people from the Merseyside area.  User Voice is a registered charity that works to improve criminal justice policy and reduce offending and re offending, through engagement with ex offenders. The aim of the event is to highlight young people’s views and experiences of the justice system, while providing a platform for young people to engage with and exchange ideas regarding effective practice with local youth justice practitioners. The event itself will comprise a number of Open Space discussions, involving young people and practitioners, focusing on these key issues. User Voice have successfully utilised the Open Space approach with 325 marginalised young people in England and see it as a means to encourage equality of engagement (User Voice 2011). The event will also create a platform to showcase current research within the CCSE on issues of youth justice, creating an opportunity to promote and demonstrate the application of critical social sciences within wider society. The event seeks to create an opening for future capacity building, social impact and knowledge transfer which could influence future youth justice policy. For more details about the event please contact Janet Jamieson email: or Donna Halliday email

The August 'Riots' 2011 (Includes a showing of the film 'Rebellion in Tottenham 2011') Speaker Roger Ball Co-founder of the Bristol Radical History Group 6:30 pm - 8:30pm Wednesday 2nd May 2012 Venue: 126 Mount Pleasant (opposite Catholic Cathedral)
The Short Hot Summer of 201: The August 'riots' were portrayed by the media and politicians as the actions of 'greedy feral youth' or 'gangs' within a 'criminal underclass'. Most of these politically loaded explanations were presented before what had happened was even known. Using hard research and the voices of participants, this event will provide an analysis of the 'riots' of August, considering what (actually) happened, who was involved and how they did it. This approach is complimented by a critique of the content and use of government statistics and the representation of the disturbances in the media and mainstream politics. The seminar discussion will be complimented by a showing of the short film ‘Rebellion in Tottenham 2011’. Roger Ball is co-founder of the Bristol Radical History Group and has recently completed a doctoral thesis on the history of ‘rioting’ in the West Country. He recently completed a speaking tour in the States, hosted by the renowned U.S. Social historian, Peter Linebaugh.
Hosted jointly between: UoL Centre for Educational Opportunities; LJMU The Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion. Download the flyer here.

NAYJ (National Association for Youth Justice) Youth Justice Training  Seminar Monday 2nd April 2012
On Monday 2nd April 2012 the CCSE will host the NAYJ (Justice for Children in Trouble) Youth Justice Training Seminar entitled 'The Changing Face of Youth Justice'. The day will comprise a mixture of plenary sessions and workshops with opportunities for delegates to participate. It will look at contemporary practice and policy issues and debates in youth justice. The event is £15 for NAYJ members and £20 for non members (both include lunch and refreshments). There are a limited number of concessions for non-waged people. Please contact for further information. The National Association for Youth Justice is a registered charity no. 1138177.

Our Village Our Life: Sikles in Focus UK book launch Friday 30th September 2011 5pm - 7pm
Our Village Our Life shares with the reader an intimate story of life in the rural mountain village of Sikles, Nepal. The even will take place at 68 Hope Street, Liverpool (date and time listed above) and photographs from the project will be displayed from 4pm onwards. For event details and location please download the flyer.

Near to Revolution? The 1911 Liverpool General Transport Strike Centenary Saturday 8th October 2011 10am - 5pm
For the centenary of the 1911 Liverpool General Transport Strike we ask what 'lessons' are to be drawn from 1911 as we face the current crisis in 2011? This is history meant for you! For the full details of the day and how to purchase tickets download the flyer.

Breaking the Cycle: Challenging Times for Justice
Breaking the Cycle: Challenging Times for Justice will be hosted by the CCSE on 24th June 2011. The event will explore various implications of the Green Paper “Breaking the Cycle: Effective Punishment, Rehabilitation and Sentencing of Offenders” which sets out a range of proposals which, if implemented, would radically alter the terrain of the Criminal Justice System. The aim of this symposium is to bring together key, local practitioners across the Criminal Justice System to air and exchange views on likely changes to and impacts upon their respective areas of work. The event is by invitation only but if you would like to know more or find out about spaces available please email Samantha Fletcher

BSA Sociology of Rights day Conference Friday 17th June 2011
The British Sociological Association (BSA) Sociology of Rights one day conference is being held at 68 Hope Street on Friday 17th June 2011. For further information please down the pdf programme. To book online please click here.

Capitalism Makes You Sick Saturday 30th April 2011
Capitalism Makes You Sick is a series of films and discussions about protecting people and the environment and will be held on Saturday 30th April 2011 at the Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool (next door to Bluecoat). For more information contact Prof. Steve Tombs

No Cop Out: Young People's Conference on Policing
The CCSE were the proud hosts of No Cop Out: Young People’s Conference on Policing. The conference provided an opportunity for young people to share their views and experiences with regard to policing and community safety and to articulate these views to policy makers in Liverpool. To read the full story click here

We are happy to announce the successful official launch of the CCSE
The CCSE was officialy launched on Thursday 3rd February 2011. We were delighted to have so many wonderful guests and would like to give particular thanks to our keynote speaker Prof Danny Dorling. For photos and more about the launch event click here

Prof Danny Dorling "Injustice, inequality, harm, crime and criminality"
Please click here to download Prof Danny Dorling's presentation or you can watch the video recording of the presentation by visiting LJMUTV on youtube

Official Launch Event Announced
Will take place on Thursday 3rd February 2011. We are delighted to have Prof Danny Dorling to speak at the launch on "Injustice, inequality, harm, crime and criminality”. For further details about the launch event please see the contact us section.



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