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Research Interests

I have three main areas of research interest - Robert Louis Stevenson and late nineteenth-century literary culture; Scottish women’s writing; and British women’s suffrage fiction – and my work is driven by an engagement with the intersections of literature and cultural history. Publications in these areas, include Robert Louis Stevenson and Theories of Reading (2007), anthologies of suffrage fiction, essays on Scottish fiction, and The Collected Works of Lorna Moon (2002).

I am currently editing Stevenson’s late, unfinished and critically- neglected novel St Ives and have recently returned from research visits to Princeton and Yale libraries and a Fellowship at The Huntington Library, California, looking at various versions of the manuscript. I edited The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Women’s Writing (Edinburgh University Press, 2012). I have recently completed  the R. L. Stevenson entry for Oxford Bibliographies Online (OUP) and am working on a larger project on late nineteenth-century literary cultures

Selected Publications


(ed.) The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Women’s Writing (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012)

Robert Louis Stevenson and Theories of Reading: the reader as vagabond (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2007).

Women’s Suffrage Literature, co-ed. K. Cockin & S. Park: 6 vol set.  Co-written General

Introduction and Introductions to Volumes V (ix-xi); VI (ix-xi), (London: Taylor & Francis, 2007).

(ed.) Collected Writings of Lorna Moon  (Edinburgh: Black and White Publishing, 2002) Introduction; Endnotes.

Across the Margins: identity and cultural change in the Atlantic Archipelago, co-ed. G. Smyth
(Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2002).

Stevenson on Fiction: An Anthology of Literary and Critical Essays, (Edinburgh: Edinburgh
University Press, 1999) Introduction; Endnotes.

(ed.)Voices and Votes: A Literary Anthology of the Women’s Suffrage Campaign, (Manchester:
Manchester University Press, 1995) Introduction; Chronology; Biographies; Textual Commentary).

Recent Journal Articles

‘Robert Louis Stevenson and Stanley J. Weyman: Reviving Romances or Aging Adventurers’ English Literature in Transition (forthcoming, January 2012).

‘Transitory Thresholds: metaphoric geographies in women’s writing from the Northeast of Scotland’ Scottish Literary Review (forthcoming, 2011)

‘Squandering names: place, nomenclature and cultural identity’, Journal of Stevenson Studies 7 (2010), pp 107- 129.

‘Mediating women’s suffrage literature’ (with S. Park), Women Studies  International
, 29 (2006), 301-306.

‘Finding a Place: the Voice of Lorna Moon’, Études écossaises Numéro 9, (2004), 91-103.

‘Ghost Writing: Stevenson and Dumas’ Journal of Stevenson Studies,  1 (2003), 60-75.

‘Waking Up in a Different Place’ (with G. Smyth), Irish Review 28 (2003), ‘Ireland and Scotland:
Colonial Legacies and National Identities’, 28-45.

Book Chapters

‘Representations and the representative: twentieth-century explorations of gender from north-east Scotland’ in  Facets of Scottish Identity (eds I. Szymańska and A. Korzeniowska) (Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper, 2013)

‘Genrre Fiction’, The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Women’s Writing (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012) .

‘Stevenson and American Contexts’ in MLA Approaches to Stevenson, ed. C. McCracken-Flesher (MLA: forthcoming, 2011)

‘Partial to Intensity: the Novels of A.L. Kennedy’, The Contemporary British Novel, J.
Acheson & S. Ross (eds) (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2007), 142-153.

‘Trading Texts: Stevenson and Negotiations of the Popular’, Robert Louis Stevenson: Writer
 of Boundaries
, R. Ambrosini & R. Drury (eds)  (Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press 2006), 60-69.

‘"Flourishing Through Oppression: The Camomile", Opening the Doors: the Achievement of
Catherine Carswell
, C. Anderson (ed.), (Edinburgh: Ramsay Head Press), 2003, 124-136.

‘Fraudulent Moochers: The Fiction of Janice Galloway’, Contemporary Scottish Women’s
, A. Christianson & A. Lumsden (eds) (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2000),

‘Borderlines: Jessie Kesson: The White Bird Passes’, Twentieth Century Scottish Women’s
Writing: Journeys into Being
, C. Anderson & A.Christianson (eds) (East Lothian: Tuckwell Press, 2000).

‘Welcome, Oh! mine own rugged Scotland: Gender and Landscape in Scottish
Fiction’ Romanticism in Wild Places: Paul Edwards Memorial Volume,(Edinburgh:  Quadriga Press) 1999, 176-99.

‘Catherine Carswell’s Open the Door!’, A History of Scottish Women's Writing, ed. D.
Gifford & D. McMillan (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press), 1997, 389-99.

‘Disruptions: the later fiction of Robin Jenkins’, The Scottish Novel Since the Seventies ,
G. Wallace & R. Stevenson  (eds), (Edinburgh:  Edinburgh University Press 1993), 11-25.
Recent reviews

2009 ‘Oliver S. Buckton, Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson: Travel, Narrative and the &Colonial Body;  Roslyn Jolly, Robert Louis Stevenson in the Pacific: Travel, Empire, and the Author’s Profession’, International Journal of Scottish Literature (online), Issue 5.
2008 ‘Gender in Scottish History since 1700 ed. E. Yeo et al.’, Scottish Studies Review Autumn.
Recent Conference Papers


‘Representation and Representativeness: Scottish Women’s Writing’ Scotland in Europe Conference: Kazimierz Dolny Poland 2012

2011 ‘Literary Intersections: St Ives’, ‘Mediamorphosis: Print Culture and the Transatlantic Public Sphere’ University of Delaware.
2010 ‘Writing Scottish Literary Histories’, ESSE Conference, Turin, August
2010 Reviving Romance’ ‘Locating Stevenson’: 6th International Stevenson Conference, Stirling, July
2009 ‘Slumbering Volcanoes: readers of suffrage fiction’, Reading Spaces/the Spaces of Reading, MCA Conference, Liverpool John Moores, December.
2009 ‘Reviving Romance: Robert Louis Stevenson and Stanley J. Weyman’, Victorian Popular Novelists Inaugural Conference, London, September.
2009 The Beast whom we feed: Stevenson and popular  romance’, Reading in the Age of Gladstone, St Deniols, Hawarden, January.
2008 ‘‘Squandering Names: Stevenson and Nomenclature’, 5th International Stevenson Conference, Bergamo, Italy

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