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Before I came to Liverpool John Moores I taught at the University of Edinburgh and The Open University. Over the years I have taught courses on Scottish and Irish fiction; early twentieth-century women’s political writing; genre fiction; and nineteenth-century literature. Courses I currently offer include ‘Reading: its History, Theory and Practice’ which explores the ways in which we engage with texts, through our imagination but also through the physical and material existence of books; a module on ‘The Historical Novel’; and ‘Transitions: identities in the inter-war years’, a module which examines writing produced in the aftermath of WWI and the suffrage campaigns, thinking about debates around sexuality, gender and class identities. I also co-ordinate and teach on the Research Masters programme.

Research students

I have supervised PhD theses on a number of topics, including late 19th-century magazines; Edinburgh women’s reading circles; Virginia Woolf; the fiction of Raymond Williams; second-generation Irish rock musicians; Punch and public health reform. I am currently involved in supervising research on Scottish detective fiction; Conservative working-class writers in the 19th century; revelatory writing at the Fin-de-Siècle. I particularly welcome research students with interests in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Scottish fiction and in suffrage literature.

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