Research events

The School hosts a number of high-profile Research Centres and Research Seminar series to showcase primary research. The ‘National Identities’ seminars, ‘CLAMS’ conferences, the ‘1911 Events’ series, the long-established ‘Research Centre for Literature and Cultural History’ seminars ( the ‘Centre for the Study of Crime Criminalisation and Social Exclusion’ series and the forthcoming ‘Professorial Lectures’ series all originate from the School’s extensive research portfolio.

These events act as platforms for the dissemination of research, create scholarly communities, and help us engage with relevant practitioners and policy makers. Seminars provide opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics, external agencies and practitioners to explore the newest work in the field and to expand their understanding of a mix of disciplines.

The diverse appeal of our lecture and seminar series is evidenced by the profiles of the speakers they attract and the range of people who attend research events.

Recent speakers include; Rodney King, former leader of the Black Panthers, Stuart Maconie, writer, TV and radio presenter and Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at the Bluecoat.

Page last modified 05 April 2012.

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