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The CCSE is very pleased to announce the full forthcoming series schedule for the 2012-2013 Critical Research Seminar Series: 

Series schedule 2012/2013 – all seminars from Wednesday 14th November onwards will run from 5pm – 7pm, 68 Hope Street, L1 9BZ

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Wednesday 14th November
‘Go on. Work him like a man!’ Masculinity and Street Violence in Mid-Victorian Liverpool
Zoe Alker

Wednesday 28th November
Challenges for the Occupy movement
Samantha Fletcher and Tanya Paton

Wednesday 12th December
Invisible Nodes in the Network: Social Media, Commercial Activity and Digital Capital
Rhianne Jones

Winter break

Wednesday 30th January
The Will to Empower? Highs and lows of Liverpool young researchers network
Ceri Anwen Jones, Yvonne McNamara and Tracy Ramsey

Wednesday 13th February
A Police Diversity Stone Left Unturned?: an empirical exploration into the occupational experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual police officers across England & Wales
Matthew Jones

Wednesday 27th February
Please note - this seminar has been rearranged, date tbc.
The Rise of 'Raunch Culture': Young Women, Sexual Coercion and Social Control
Helen Monk

Tuesday 12th March
Governing Prostitution: Regulation and Social Control
Jo Phoenix

Please scroll down to read more about the CCSE critical research seminar series:

'I attended seven of the seminars and it is clear that a great deal of time, thought and effort has gone into preparation and planning of the series. A number of talks, such as the discussion by Robert King following the showing of ‘In the land of the free’ documentary, were truly inspirational and collectively the series was a highly engaging and intellectually stimulating experience. Not only were the talks well delivered and focussed on pertinent issues of the day such as the august 2011 disturbances; the contours of sexual violence; misogyny; gendered experiences of probation hostels; and harms in contemporary society such as toxic capitalist industries in Liverpool and the local and global harms associated with the production of food, but also the discussions following the talks were extremely well informed and scholarly'

(Dr David Scott, Coordinator European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control)
Commenting on the 2011- 2012 seminar series

The critical research seminar series offers a platform for guest speakers to discuss their past, present and ongoing research within the fields of crime, criminalisation, marginalization and social exclusion; and/or their involvement with a variety of campaigning and community groups affected by such processes. Cohering with the focus and aims of the CCSE, the emphasis of the seminar series is upon critical research and/or practice. It aims in particular to provide a forum for individuals, groups, experiences and views which typically struggle to be heard.

For information on the previous years' CCSE Critical Research Seminar Series please visit our archive on the right-hand side of the page.

Dr.Victoria Canning discussing the past, present and future of the CCSE Critical Research Seminar Series

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