Software firewalls

Protect your internet connection by installing a firewall.

Just as the university network is protected by a firewall, users are now able to install personal firewall software on individual computers to restrict the flow of data that is both sent and received.

Use the firewall built into Windows.

Microsoft Windows includes a personal firewall which will greatly enhance your computer security, and requires minimal configuration. Switching on the firewall is easy.

  • Click on Start > Control Panel and double click on Network Connections
  • Right click on your internet connection and select Properties
  • Click the Advanced tab and then select the tick box for Protect my computer and network.....
  • Click on OK to apply the settings
Please note: IT Services (ITS) can provide no assistance in the installation and configuration of 3rd party firewall software installed on your home computer.

Page last modified 15 January 2015.

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