Other problems

Restarting the PC

There are a number of problems which may be solved if you shut down and restart your PC. It is always worth trying this before phoning the helpdesk with a problem. Some problems can be avoided if you restart your PC regularly (e.g. once a week). Known problems that are resolved by restarting are:

  • Printer icon disappears
  • Missing .dll file

No Network Connection Present

Unlike Windows NT which would not allow you to log on to your PC if there was no network present, Windows XP allows you to login, and offers limited functionality, providing access to Microsoft Word and Excel, and any files that may be stored locally on your PC.

How can I tell if I have an active network connection?

If you log on to your PC with no network connection present, the No network icon will be displayed in the system tray, and the No M Drive M Drive icon will appear . If you are already logged in to the PC and the network connection is lost, the No network will appear, together with a “tool tip” stating that the network connection is not present. Once the network becomes available again, the No network icon will disappear, and you will be able to use the PC as usual. 

Exceeding your Roaming Profile Quota

The roaming profile used by Windows XP is limited in size. You can easily check the size of your profile, by hovering the cursor over the  icon in the system tray. If you exceed this quota whilst using your PC, the icon will change to Profile exceed icon and a dialog box will appear advising that your profile quota has been exceeded. If this should occur, check that you haven’t saved any large files (e.g. internet downloads, search results etc) to your desktop, as this can quickly fill your profile quota. If this is the case, reduce your profile size by moving the files to your M Drive – once the profile size is less than the set quota level, the icon will return to

We recommend all files are saved directly on to your M Drive.

Page last modified 11 August 2011.

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