The LJMU Web Team

The Web Team is part of Planning and Information (PLN)

Managed by the Online/Collaborative Services Manager, Marcellina Boyle; The Web Team consists of:

Web Development Officer - Anthony Doherty

Web Development Officer - Guy Kilgallen

Web Development Officer - Rebecca Turpin

Responsibilities include:

  • advising on the use of web technologies, including software and languages

  • continual research and development of accessible web pages, including the promotion of best practice

  • research, design and development of bespoke systems for specialist areas

  • production and delivery of multimedia presentation over the web, including video editing and streaming

  • design and construction of web sites for both regional and national collaborative projects involving the university

  • the development of on-line forms, questionnaires and general interactive functionalities, including database connectivity

  • provision of statistical analysis of website usage from the university web servers

  • assisting in and ensuring the security and integrity of systems facilitated by the web

  • production and distribution of system documentation to assist users of the University’s I.T. and Communication systems

  • collaborating with the Marketing department on delivering a corporate university website

  • collaborating with users across the university on the continual improvement of the LJMU website

The site is served by OpenText's Management Server, a Content Management System (CMS) formerly known as RedDot, and introduced to this site in 2003.  For more information on using the CMS, and technical support and advice on LJMU Web, please email for further information.

Page last modified 12 November 2013.

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