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ITS do not support the use of Flash on their website and hence do not provide Flash on the network, due to associated accessibility issues, namely:

  • All accessible Flash content must be tested on the Microsoft Windows platform.  While there have been recent improvements to the Apple Macintosh OS 10.4 release (Tiger), including a built-in screen reader called VoiceOver, the Flash Player does not support this screen reader.
  • The version of the Flash Player that runs in Firefox is not yet accessible.
  • There are some complex forms of Flash content that simply can not be made accessible.  Many simulations require users to attend to several objects at the same time.  Decisions must be made based on multiple factors and relayed back to the simulation quickly.  This can pose a challenge while using a screen reader.
  • A web author has to avoid scripts dependant on mouse coordinates or double-mouse clicks to be accessible.  Invisible buttons are not accessible and should be avoided.
  • However if individual users possess copies of Flash and insist on using it on LJMU web pages, please use it judiciously and observe the Flash Best Practice Guidelines.

In summary, it is evident that the latest version on Flash does have added accessibility features, however, it is still not 100% accessible and a web designer would have to take considerable care when designing a Flash movie or animation and take into consideration all the above points when designing.

Page last modified 02 February 2015.

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