Web Standards Compliance for RedDot pages

Help and support with Validating your RedDot pages

LJMU's web Content Management System now has extra capabilities to assit in making your web pages more compliant with the W3C's Web Standards.

Web Standards are specifications for the code used to create your page. This helps users to be reassured that our pages aim for and hopefully meet the highest standards of page quality and capability.

How RedDot helps with meeting Web Standards

For some time now the templates for our site have been Standards Compliant. Now RedDot assists in making content written by Web Authors just as compliant. When your page is published, the page is checked for code validity, rewriting code as required to improve the page quality.

Steps you need to take to ensure Web Standards are met

RedDot can now fix lots of problems with pages, but there are still steps Web Authors need to take to ensure that pages validate to Web Standards:

  • Ensure you have added ALT text for any images in your pages
  • Always check your published pages look the way you expect - RedDot will re-write invalid code sections which may move items on your page
  • If you are adding page to News Update which will appear on the Homepages, check that you have paired up quotes and avoided special characters in your Headline and check the Homepages for layout problems

Validating your page

Our Writing HTML page has further information on how to validate your pages.

Future developments

We hope to add more standards-compliance features, and better tools to help achieve this.

Page last modified 11 August 2011.

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