Student Profiles: Malaysia

Kavita Gopala Krishnan, 
LLM International Business Corporate and Finance Law

"Every day offers me a new experience here… The best thing about Liverpool is that it has broadened my horizons "

I got information about LJMU from a UK education fair held in my home country. There, I met a nice lady called Jennifer, LJMU’s South East Asia representative, who informed me about the Masters in Law course. I was told that I could apply for a scholarship but I missed the deadline that year; however Jennifer kept in touch with me and informed me the following year when I could apply again for the Hodgson Law Scholarship. 

Every year two or more scholars are selected to pursue a full time taught postgraduate in law study in either University of Liverpool or Liverpool John Moores University. I am very pleased with their service and their encouragement and support. I communicated with Dr Tony Harvey, who is the course leader of my LLM programme. He was extremely helpful and went all out to help me with choosing accommodation and so on.

I completed my undergraduate studies (LLb Bachelors in Law ) in Aberystwyth University, Wales. When I was there, I had many friends who were studying at Liverpool, who said many great things about the people, the city and the environment as a whole. Apart from that, the course that I decided to undertake was exactly the branch of law that I am interested in, which is corporate law. It was definitely a very easy choice for me. And I am glad I made the choice to study at LJMU because it definitely surpassed my expectations. 

My first week was hectic. I was trying to adjust to the timezone, climate and the new atmosphere. However, I acclimatized really well as the staff and student representatives at the university were extremely helpful. Also, my accommodation provider, Liberty Atlantic Point, are such lovely people, and made me really comfortable. The International Students gathering held at Byrom Street campus proved very effective and helpful as we were taken on a tour around the city and given vast amounts of information. In less than two weeks, I already felt at home! 

I thoroughly enjoy my course. It is definitely a holistic course that covers a wide area of corporate, business and finance law. My lecturers and tutors are extremely dedicated and passionate. I find that although some of my lecturers are young, they are definitely vastly experienced and well read. As we are a small class, I find my lecturers and seminars particularly personal as it is a small group. I can always meet my lecturers at anytime if I have any doubts.

As the course requires a lot of independent learning and research, I find that I am able to work at my own pace and becoming self disciplined. This has definitely contributed to my personal growth. I feel that I am not afraid to raise any questions or give my opinions. Moreover,the library is equipped with comprehensive resources and is easily accessible. The students in my class come from various countries; they are all friendly and during lectures and seminars, I find myself constantly learning from them. Besides being classmates, all of us have become good friends. I give a big thumbs up for the teaching and learning experience for this course! 

I think Liverpool has the best of both worlds. People only know Liverpool because of the Liverpool Football Club and the Beatles, but there is more mystery to Liverpool than just those. This picturesque city is rich with heritage and history and has beautiful monuments and architecture. It has a wide range of museums that display its history and also theatres that showcases amazing plays. Apart from that, it is also a shopping haven. People are friendly and always willing to help. There are so many things to do in the city. 

I strongly advise other international students to make LJMU their first choice. It is a well-balanced university and has state of the art facilities. Oh and there is a free gym membership for all students :) Since the weather is rather unpredictable, I suggest that students should be prepared with sufficient warm clothing. I would think international students wouldn't miss their home country food much since you can get them from the local groceries and at the same time sharpen your culinary skills. Every day offers me a new experience here. I am glad to have met wonderful people, students from the UK as well as other international students. The best thing about Liverpool is that it has broadened my horizons and allowed me to keep my mind open to various different things. I can safely say I have become a better and a well-rounded person. 

I am very appreciative of the people who have supported me throughout my education here, including a lecturer, Ms Alison Lui, who was particularly dedicated in her delivery of the subjects, especially the one I intend to undertake for my dissertation, International Labour Law.

I dedicate my success in my studies to my mother, Madam Sowndhra Devi Sagadevan, who has been my pillar of strength throughout my education pursuits. She has single-handedly raised me as my father passed away from lung cancer when I was 14. I would also love to thank my family, loved ones, friends from Malaysia and in the UK who have definitely given me encouragement throughout my education here at LJMU.

Hodgson Law Scholarship

The scholarship requires a candidate who has a well rounded background; academic, curricular and work experience. I am definitely grateful to be awarded the scholarship. It has meant I am able to focus on my programme without worrying about course and accommodation fees. I am truly grateful that the Hodgson's trust have given me this scholarship and I will definitely give my best and succeed in attaining the Masters. I would definitely recommend others apply for this scholarship – you have nothing to lose but definitely lots to gain. I always believed that everyone should set standards high for themselves. The first step to success is always taking that first step and everything will work in your way. I hope that other students worldwide will take the opportunity to apply for the scholarship and see many doors open for them in their life.

Ameera Rahman, BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Management

"I would definitely recommend Liverpool to my friends and family members who wanted to study in the UK"

I heard about LJMU after searching on the internet for the perfect place to pursue my studies somewhere in the UK - LJMU was listed as one of the top universities recommended on the website. Truthfully, the fact that my dad was a LFC supporter also made me wanted to come and study in Liverpool! Plus, LJMU was listed as one of the best universities for maritime-based courses.

I have to admit, the first few weeks were hard for me. I was in a new environment and alone. Although it was hard for me with the homesickness and all, I managed to settle in with the help and support from the University, especially from Jeffery Soong, the Regional Director for SEA, and Caroline O'Rourke, the International Welfare Advisor. I am thankful to these two as they helped me a lot.

The course I am studying is perfect for those who have an interest in the maritime and logistics industry. The lecturers are very competent and very experienced in the industry itself. The students in my class are very friendly and mature. I am thankful for the positive environment in my class as it helps me to focus in my studies.

Liverpool is a great place to live and study, as a student. The fact that Liverpool has three universities around the city definitely makes it a student-friendly city, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family members who wanted to study in the UK. Fill up the application form, quickly! You won't regret it!

The best thing about my experience so far is getting to know new people from different backgrounds and countries, and learning new things every day about local culture.

Hafizan Mat Som, MPhil/PhD in Developing an Electronic Portfolio for the Vocational and Education Training Sector

"The lecturers are friendly and always happy to assist when needed”

I was attracted to LJMU after learning of the highly acclaimed work of Professor Patrick Carmichael on the Semantic Web and subsequently applied for my PhD. The classes organized by Student Support Team to help novice researchers like myself proved to be very useful, while the lecturers are friendly and always happy to assist when needed, thus making me constantly eager to learn. 

The community support provided by the Liverpool Malaysian Speaking Circle was excellent, both in assisting my husband and I in finding a home and as a means of connecting with others in similar situations and the wider Muslim community in Liverpool.

Chew Moy, PhD Home Economics Education

My interest was in Home Economics and I read about Dr Diane Grant’s work on issues relating to gender and Home Economics, and other areas of social disadvantage. I wrote to her and she accepted me as her PhD student without hesitation. 

One of the most memorable times was when Dr Grant managed to secure a sponsorship from LJMU for me to attend International Federation for Home Economics World Jubilee Congress in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2008. In addition, I had also managed to secure a scholarship from All Saints Educational Trust to attend the IFHE World Jubilee Congress. This was an eye opening experience to meet Home Economists from all over the world.

Stephen Tang, MSc Computer Games Development

"My postgraduate experience has helped me considerably in my career"

My postgraduate experience has helped me considerably in my career, especially in the development of computer games education in Malaysia. I have made significant contributions to the development of new academic programmes and set up some crucial industrial links. 

I am now back in LJMU – not as a student but part of the academic team working closely with my ex-lecturers, who are now my colleagues. As an academic, I am actively involved in scholarly activities and my research publications are recognised internationally.

Choo Shi Ying, MPharm

"The city of Liverpool itself is beautiful and safe, with friendly people from different cultural backgrounds"

LJMU is equipped with excellent facilities and staffed with lecturers who are conscientious and supportive. The MPharm degree I’m pursuing is recognised internationally, and thus, finding a job upon graduation will be comparatively easy. 

The city of Liverpool itself is beautiful and safe, with friendly people from different cultural backgrounds. The cool climate here makes it an ideal place to study and live. I would recommend LJMU to those who want to further their studies.

Amzar Haji Abdullah, BA (Hons) Business and Economics

" I did not hesitate to pick the University. Liverpool is very special and unique"

A student agency in Malaysia recommended LJMU and after a detailed research combined with positive feedback from social media and friends in Liverpool, I did not hesitate to pick the University. Liverpool is very special and unique in its own way, unlike others which may be congested. The Beatles, Liverpool FC and many more are among the reasons why Liverpool is a great city. The experience you gain here will not be the same as other city, and with active lifestyle, there are lots to do in Liverpool.

Sophie Kho, MPharm

"The tutors make a real effort to get to know the students and put 100% effort into their teaching."

Sophie KhoI initially decided to come to Liverpool John Moores University because my sister had previously studied here and she highly recommended it to me. She informed me that Liverpool was a very affordable city to live and study in.  At first I was a bit hesitant about living in the city centre but it is actually a really safe city.  I researched LJMU on the Internet before I came here, and the facilities and accommodation looked excellent. I could really see myself enjoying being a student there.

The Pharmacy department at LJMU has an excellent system, it is one of the oldest departments in the country but the laboratories are state of the art. The tutors make a real effort to get to know the students and put 100% effort into their teaching. My tutor group recently went out for a meal with our tutor as a way to get to know one another.  I feel that initiative such as this is very reassuring to International students, as it is good to know that our tutors are approachable if we are experiencing any study problems.  There is also a really positive environment for learning amongst the students. I feel really lucky, as everyone I’ve met has been wonderful and a lot of my English friends have welcomed me into their culture.  A common misunderstanding amongst International students is that they must stay within groups of students from their home country, but everyone is so friendly and it’s better to explore different cultures of British and International students, from all over the world.

The best way to make friends is to join a club within the student union, and if a club doesn’t exist just start one your self.  I’m vice-captain of the cheer leading squad and I made some of my best friends when meeting up for practice.  Student nights and gatherings are also a great way to make friends, and there are always lots of social events happening within the student union.  But you have to know your limits because your studies must always come first.

I would highly recommend Liverpool John Moores University to any International student wishing to study within the U.K.  It is still a fairly new university; so all the facilities for learning are up to date with modern technology.  The Lecturers and Tutors are dedicated to educate the students to a high level, and there is also a strong emphasis on the welfare of International students.

If you are interested in studying a Pharmacy course at LJMU you can find more information here

Pada mulanya saya mengambil keputusan untuk belajar di Liverpool John Moores University kerana sebelum ini kakak saya juga belajar disini dan beliau telah mencadangkan agar saya juga berbuat demikian. Menurut beliau, Liverpool adalah sebuah bandar dimana kos sara hidupnya adalah sederhana untuk didiami dan belajar. Pada mulanya saya agak keberatan untuk menetap di pusat bandar, tetapi ia adalah bandar yang selamat. Sebelum datang kesini, saya telah menjalankan sedikit kaji selidik mengenai LJMU menerusi internet, dan mendapati frasarana dan kemudahan tempat tinggal yang disediakan begitu baik sekali.

Sistem yang terdapat di Jabatan Farmasi adalah yang terbaik. Walaupun ia adalah antara jabatan yang tertua di negara, tetapi makmal-makmalnya lengkap dengan alatan yang terkini. Disini tutor-tutornya berdamping dengan pelajar untuk menjalinkan perhubungan yang lebih erat dan mereka juga mengajar dengan sepenuh jiwa. Baru-baru ini kumpulan tutor saya dan tutor-tutor kami telah berkumpul dan mengadakan majlis makan dan suai kenal. Saya merasakan majlis  perjumpaan sedemikian sangat bermakna bagi kami; pelajar antarabangsa. Ini menunjukkan bahawa mereka sentiasa bersedia mambantu jika kami berhadapan dengan masalah pembelajaran. Di sini persekitaran pembelajaran adalah sihat. Saya berasa begitu bertuah, kerana semua yang saya temui begitu baik sekali. Rakan-rakan yang berbangsa Inggeris menerima kehadiran kami dikalangan mereka. Kerap terjadi dimana pelajar antarabangsa beranggapan bahawa mereka hanya perlu bergaul dengan rakan senegara sahaja. Ianya merugikan kerana orang-orang di sini begitu mesra dan adalah lebih baik jika kita dapat menerokai budaya British yang berbeza, serta bergaul dengan semua pelajar dari seluruh pelosok dunia.

Cara terbaik untuk menjalinkan persahabatan adalah dengan menyertai kelab didalam Persatuan Pelajar, dan jika kelab tersebut tidak wujud, apa kata anda menubuhkannya. Saya merupakan Naib-Kapten bagi Persatuan Sorak dan sepanjang perjumpaan dan latihan, saya mempunyai beberapa sahabat baik. Malam bersama pelajar dan perjumpaan juga adalah cara yang terbaik untuk menjalinkan persahabatan, dan Persatuan Pelajar juga banyak menganjurkan majlis sosial. Tetapi sebagai seorang pelajar, kita harus menggariskan batas tertentu kerana pelajaran adalah yang utama.

Saya memang mencadangkan LJMU kepada pelajar diluar sana yang berhajat untuk belajar di United Kingdom. Kemudahan belajar yang terdapat disini adalah selaras dengan teknologi terkini kerana ia adalah sebuah universiti yang baru. Pensyarah-pensyarah dan tutor-tutornya begitu berdedikasi untuk membimbing pelajar-pelajarnya ke tahap yang terbaik. Di sini juga, kebajikan pelajar juga diberi keutamaan dan dijaga dengan sebaiknya.

Emily Cheng, MA International Journalism

"If you come to Liverpool John Moores University you will be given an excellent experience to study well and live in a fantastic city."

Picture of Emily Cheng

When I first came to Liverpool, I was impressed with how modern the city was and it was rich with culture. It has many beautiful buildings and there is always a very vibrant atmosphere. With the music, fashion, and of course football, Liverpool is an incredible place to live and study. I was on the TAR programme.  This is a three-month Malaysia summer programme, which is a link between my college and Liverpool John Moores University. I enjoyed my time here so much that I thought it was only logical to continue my studies here at LJMU.

The lecturers on my programme are extremely knowledgeable, and they have a well-prepared, dynamic approach to teaching.  They are also very encouraging with your work, as they are quick to give feedback and supportive toward your academic and personal life. Importantly they understand that the language used can sometimes be difficult for International students, but they help in every way that they can.

The Learning Resource Centres are excellent. They contain many different sources of information for journalism and there is of course the free 24-hour Internet access.I have recently been appointed the Student Representative for the school of Media. This involves meeting regularly with tutors and lecturers as well as giving support and advice to other International students. The role is providing me with great experience and I feel proud to have such a position within LJMU. My accommodation is Cambridge Court, which is very safe and secure. It is also close to the Library and my lecture halls.

In the future when I have completed my studies I hope to stay in the U.K and get a job in Broadcast Journalism and I was actually a part time television presenter on beauty show in Kuala Lumpur.  If you come to Liverpool John Moores University you will be given an excellent experience to study well and live in a fantastic city.

If you are interested in studying the International Journalism course at LJMU you can find more information here

Kali pertama saya menjejak kaki di Liverpool, saya begitu kagum dengan kemodenan bandaraya dan kekayaan budayanya. Bandar Liverpool mempunyai bangunan-bangunan yang cantik dan auranya yang tersendiri. Dengan muzik, fesyen, dan tentunya bola sepak, Liverpool adalah tempat yang sesuai untuk didiami dan belajar. Saya adalah pelajar program musim panas 3 bulan Malaysia, dimana ia adalah antara kolej saya dan Liverpool John Moores University. Sepanjang berada disini saya merasa sungguh seronok.

Pensyarah-pensyarah program terdiri daripada meraka yang berpengetahuan luas dan cara pengajaran mereka juga tersusun dan dinamik. Mereka sentiasa memberi galakkan untuk belajar, dan memberi maklum balas yang pantas dan memberi sokongan dari segi akademik dan peribadi. Bahasa kadang-kala boleh menjadi masalah kepada pelajar antarabangsa, tetapi mereka begitu memahami dan sentiasa bersedia membantu dalam apa cara sekalipun.

Pusat Hasil Pembelajarannya adalah terbaik. Disini terdapat pelbagai sumber maklumat tersedia untuk bidang kewartawanan dan tentunya kemudahan internetnya percuma 24 jam. Baru-baru ini saya telah dilantik sebagai Wakil Pelajar untuk Sekolah Media. Ini melibatkan perjumpaan dengan tutor-tutor dan pensyarah-pensyarah serta memberi khidmat bimbingan dan nasihat kepada rakan pelajar antarabangsa yang lain. Tugas ini memberi saya pengalaman yang berharga. Saya rasa amat bangga dapat mengalas tugas tersebut di LJMU. Saya menetap di Cambridge Court, dimana tempat ini amat selamat untuk didiami. Ia juga terletak berhampiran dengan bilik pensyarah.

Dimasa hadapan, saya berharap untuk menetap di U.K. dan dapat pekerjaan dalam bidang kewartawanan penyiaran dan saya juga adalah penyampai televisyen sambilan yang mengacarakan rancangan kecantikan di Kuala Lumpur. Jika anda belajar di Liverpool John Moores University, anda akan dapat pengalaman belajar yang berharga dan dapat menetap di bandar yang hebat.

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