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Subhajit Basu, PhD Taxation of E-Commerce

I came across LJMU and found out that they have expertise in Computer Law. I got in touch with the Head of the Department by email and from the very first email everybody was so very helpful. It took me less than 7 months from the first email to actually start my MPhil which later on became my PhD.

The time I spent in LJMU was the best time of my life, it completely transformed me, made me a better person, it changed my life forever.

Doing my PhD was different from anything I had done before in my life; I enjoyed spending hours in the library or in front of a computer for the purpose of my PhD, but everything became easy with the support and encouragement that I got from my supervisor and other members of the Law School.

LJMU has one of the best Learning Resource Centres in the country and the staff are immensely helpful. Liverpool as a city is second to none in terms of accommodation, part-time job opportunities and friendly people.


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