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Aytac Turkcuoglu, 1st Year Mpharm Student, Turkey

Aytac TurkcuogluAytac Turkcuoglu

When I heard about the pharmacy programme at LJMU I remembered that my friend had told me that Liverpool was a great place to live and study so I didn’t hesitate to apply. When I first arrived I really liked how centrally located everything was, the shops and the university buildings were really close to my accommodation.

When I first started my classes I was worried about the language barrier. However, the students were separated into smaller groups and we were given personal tutors. They have been really helpful and understand that as international students, English is not our first language, so they are very supportive.

My first year has gone really well, I have been getting good marks and my English is getting better every day. I think when I graduate I will go back home to start my own company or I may even continue my academic studies at LJMU and complete my PhD. My graduation is a long time away but it’s good to have options when I have completed my Mpharm! But so far I am really enjoying my time in Liverpool and at LJMU.

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