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Money matters – control your finances, don't let money control you!

In the first few weeks at LJMU you will be very busy, get a lot of reading material and meet loads of new people and it may seem at times like you are drowning in a sea of information!  You do need to prioritise these and what can possibly be more important than money? 

LJMU employs a team of staff who are experts in everything relating to student finance and funding so you never have to manage alone.  You can drop into our office in Kingsway House, Hatton Garden any afternoon, no appointments required.  Alternatively you can make an appointment at the transaction desk in your Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

We can help you sort out your student finances, draw up a budget, check you are getting all you are entitled to and share our money saving tips with you.

·      Put our contact details in your phone or diary (if you use one) and then you always know how to get in touch with  us if you want to talk about anything including settling in on your course and money or making ends meet.

·      Read the undergrad magazine, you will have been given this at enrolment (spare copies in the LRC) and we have put our details along with some great money saving ideas in it.

The main thing to stress is that if you don't know something JUST ASK!  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, staff are here to support and advise you right through your course.

We have written top FAQs; see how you do in our seven small steps to being a money magnet! 

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Page last modified 18 September 2012.

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