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World of Work Skills Certification is another great part of LJMU's World of Work programme - aiming to make you the most employable graduate you can be. It has it's own section here because it connects with all aspects of your employability, not just one (Graduate Skills, Work Related Learning and your general career knowledge and aspirations). That and it is very highly valued and backed by many major employers (some of which are mentioned below).


What is World of Work Skills Certification


World of Work Skills Certification is a valuable process aiming to give you that extra edge and allow you to stand out from a potential crowd of 300,000 graduates when you leave university. It is endorsed by a group of leading employers and ends with you gaining a highly backed World of Work Skills Certificate.

The process will help you to become more self-aware, increase your organisational awareness, and will give you the skills you need to really make things happen in a work environment.

Why is it so important?

Employers are becoming more and more interested in students with the right skills to take their company forward. And in the current economic climate, you need everything you can get in order to increase your chances of getting that dream job. This fact, the main reasons already listed on the homepage, and the many major employers backing the World of Work Skills Certificate means that it is a highly valuable process to get involved in.  

Below, Naomi Climer, Vice President of Sony Europe and Liza Watson, Managing Director of Heaney Watson Solicitors describe how important gaining the right skills and experiences are:


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Why should you take part?

In short, the World of Work Skills Certificate is backed by a large amount of employers -  the BBC, Ford, NHS and Sony to name a few. These are the kinds of employers that you may end up working for - and they clearly state that they would prefer if students had the skills the World of Work Skills Certificate process gives you. So, get the Certificate, improve your chances of getting a great job, its as simple as that.

To make things even better, LJMU are the only university with this kind of employability and career enhancing process, with this amount of employer backing. Can you really afford to miss out on your World of Work Skills Certificate?

See what last years graduating students said about gaining their World of Work Skills Certificate:

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What does it involve?

The World of Work programme helps you recognise and develop three areas that employers have stated they want graduates to be highly competent in, as well as giving you the relevant career focus to help you first determine, and then successfully apply for your preferred job role. If you complete the whole programme successfully you will be awarded with an employer verified and endorsed World of Work Skills Certificate.

The 3 World of Work Skill areas

1. Self Awareness all about being knowledgeable about your own strengths and weaknesses, your values, your ability to work with others and the factors which motivate you to achieve. Self reflection enables you to identify your abilities, likes and preferences and then match these to suitable career options. The process is also very useful in helping to pin- point the skills and competencies you need to work on and develop.

2. Organisational Awareness being knowledgeable about different organisations: how they operate and who their ‘customers’ are.  Also: to show an understanding of the link between your personal  values and those of the organisation. Increasing your organisational awareness will allow you to make informed decisions about the type of work you wish to secure.  By ensuring that your own values and ethics match that of an organisation, you are taking a significant step towards employment which will be motivating and rewarding. 

3. Making Things Happen

To be able to demonstrate potential in key managerial abilities: strategic action and thought; adapting and managing change; and persuading and influencing others.  These skills point towards one thing in particular: the potential to be a leader. Leadership qualities are highly sought after by graduate recruiters as they are looking for their leaders and managers of tomorrow. They are equally important to entrepreneurs, who determine their own vision for the business. Regardless of whether you see yourself as a potential leader or a budding entrepreneur, becoming aware of, and developing, your ‘Making Things Happen’ skills will set you apart from others and give you the confidence to succeed in the world of work.

Personal statements

You will be required to write a one page statement for each skill, based around the interview diagnostic tool and the World of Work Skills marking criteria.

Each statement cannot be more than one page for a reason, as you will need to be concise and to the point on any application form and in any graduate interview you attend, waffling won’t get you the job! 

Employer interview

After you have written and successfully submitted your statements for each of the three skills, you will need to successfully take part in an employer verified interview to complete the process. This will then gain you the highly valuable and employer backed full World of Work Skills Certificate.

What is better when you graduate than already having major employer endorsement from your sector?   


Getting started

First years - you will automatically get to complete stage one of the Certificate in one of your first year modules. Further information will be given to you then.

World of Work Skills Blackboard Module

In order  to get easily accessible information and guidance on the World of Work Skills Certificate process, to sign up to the Virtual Diagnostic’s and to eventually submit your completed World of Work Skill statements, you can sign up to the World of Work blackboard module.

The module is a repository of information on the World of Work Skills Certificate, and so contains writing guides for all three skills and information on the employer final interview.

You can sign up for the module through the World of Work Careers Centre website here (it takes up to 4 days to gain access- so keep checking your blackboard module list for it to appear).


School Based Help


For help accessing the World of Work blackboard module,  or for further information on the World of Work Skills Certificate process, you can make an appointment with Steve Altham in room 136 in the Redmond's Building.

To contact the Law SDC Steve Altham email or ring him on 0151 231 3036.

For any further information about the World of Work Programme at LJMU see the main World of Work website here.

Page last modified 01 September 2014.

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