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The Liverpool Cathedral conversation

The Liverpool Cathedral conversation

A panel of international Architecture experts discuss the wonders and merits of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

Experts invited to this panel include Emeritus Professor John Tarn OBE, DL (Former Roscoe Professor of Architecture at University of Liverpool), Dr Rob MacDonald (Reader in Architecture at Liverpool John Moores University and Chairman of Liverpool Architectural Society), Gladys Masey (Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Liverpool John Moores University), Dr Emma Roberts (Curator and Course Leader of History of Art, Liverpool John Moores University), Dr Emlyn Williams (Chairman of the Rodney Street Association), Joseph Sharples (Author of Liverpool: Pevsner Architectural Guide 2004) and Martyn Coppin (Cathedral Architect).

Title Description Author Duration Date uploaded Download Play
On the tower A discussion of the tower Architectural panel 05:55 23/03/2011 19:25:00 download
Fundraising A discussion of the Fundraising used Architectural panel 01:37 23/03/2011 19:20:00 download
Faith of the architect A discussion of the Faith of the architect Architectural panel 01:22 23/03/2011 19:15:00 download
Public reaction and relationship A discussion of the Public reaction and relationship Architectural panel 07:49 23/03/2011 19:10:00 download
Budget constraints A discussion of the Budget constraints Architectural panel 01:47 23/03/2011 19:05:00 download
Construction materials A discussion of the Construction materials used Architectural panel 01:08 23/03/2011 19:00:00 download
How did Scott get the job? A discussion of How Scott got the job Architectural panel 01:50 23/03/2011 18:55:00 download
Differences in Bodley and Scott's design A discussion of the Differences in Bodley and Scott's design Architectural panel 03:57 23/03/2011 18:55:00 download
Construction techniques A discussion of the Construction techniques Architectural panel 03:06 23/03/2011 18:55:00 download
The last detail A discussion of the Last Detail Architectural panel 03:44 23/03/2011 18:55:00 download
Then and now A discussion of then and now Architectural panel 08:13 23/03/2011 18:50:00 download
Surrounding areas A discussion of the Surrounding areas Architectural panel 05:06 23/03/2011 18:45:00 download
Interiors and technical aspects A discussion of the Interiors and technical aspects Architectural panel 05:02 23/03/2011 18:40:00 download
Detail and style A discussion of the Detail and style of the cathedral Architectural panel 08:11 23/03/2011 18:35:00 download
The life of Giles Gilbert Scott A discussion of the life of Giles Gilbert Scott Architectural panel 06:30 23/03/2011 18:30:00 download
The relation between Bodley and Scott A discussion of the relation between Bodley and Scott Architectural panel 06:06 23/03/2011 18:20:00 download
Architectural drawings A discussion of the architectural drawings of the cathedral Architectural panel 03:55 23/03/2011 18:15:15 download
Deciding on the style Deciding on the style of the cathedral Architectural panel 03:40 23/03/2011 18:10:00 download
Why didn't we have a cathedral in the first place? A discussion on why the cathedral never existed in the first place Architectural panel 05:09 23/03/2011 18:03:00 download
Introduction A brief introduction to the cathedral Architectural panel 03:09 23/03/2011 18:00:00 download

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