Martin 'Griff' Griffiths

Martin ‘Griff’ Griffiths

Title: Theatre Manager/Senior Lecturer

Work address:

Joe H Makin Drama Centre
1 Hope Place
L1 9BG


Since 1999 I have been a member of staff at Liverpool John Moores University, with a special interest in the theory, practise and teaching of Applied Theatre. My first experience of working on any form of Applied Theatre was with Remould Theatre Company in Hull working on NO SURRENDER, the Hull City Play in 1997: Epic Theatre- epic cast, 150! Since then I have worked on a number of pieces including work at HMP Wolds, and more recently the Plays in the Park series in Merseyside with Spike Theatre.

I am also responsible for the teaching of technical theatre skills including lighting design and operation, sound recording and playback and stage management. I also manage the Drama department’s theatre for the use of our students and community theatre groups.

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