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iMedia Graduates


Paul Swindell and Will McClellan
Graduated iMedia 2008

Paul has been working with Ariel Trust and Will with Conker Media since graduating and with the help of the LJMU Enterprise fellowship scheme they have recently launched their own new media design company Happycry.



Chris Day
Graduated iMedia 2007

Since graduating, Chris has worked with a number of organisations, institutions and businesses (ICDC, Open Culture, Splinter Design) to provide high-end content solutions for education, broadcast television, interactive games, social media, public events & corporate proof of concept.

“The iMedia BA provided a solid foundation in understanding the importance of storytelling, audience and usability, and their relationship to developing effective, innovative content solutions in both established and emerging content platforms."
  Kyriaki Iatropouli
Graduated iMedia 2008

After graduating Kyriaki gained employment immediately working within the Multimedia Department of the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool.  Her responsibilities range from administrating the ACC's social network activity, producing video content for social networks, designing promotional material and researching and experimenting with New Media technologies and platforms.

Matthew Lambert
Graduated iMedia 2009

“Uni finished 3 months ago and this is the first time I’ve been home longer than 5 days. Since I left I’ve been filming for companies such as Nike, Vans, Carhartt and Ride BMX magazine and it's taken me on trips all over Europe. Right now I'm currently working for Nike filming for a  BMX film called "Partners in Crime".

  Antrianna Katsiki
Graduated iMedia 2007
Has worked for The Design Division since graduating and has this summer launched a freelance career as a web designer.

“I felt that whatever came into my mind I could achieve. The course gave me a good understanding and base in new media so I feel very happy and confident to continue my exploration in other new areas”.
  Mark Fothergill
Graduated iMedia 2007

Has worked for Conker Media since graduating and, now is Assistant Producer of Digital Media, part of the creative team responsible for the formation, development and delivery of ideas and digital content. Working with online communities and researching new technology, tools and platforms.  Conker Media is one of the largest independent producers of cross platform entertainment in the UK - clients include Channel 4, BBC, 4Education, MTV, and ITV.

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