Research Forum in Psychology and Education


  • Dr. Anne-Marie Adams
  • Dr. David Mcilroy
  • Dr. Juliet Reid
  • Dr. Fiona Simmons
  • Dr. Catherine Willis
  • Glenda Pennington
  • Elena Soto Calvo

The Research Forum in Psychology and Education brings together a group of researchers who examine a broad range of issues exploring the impact of psychology within the educational field.  Their work encompasses both cognitive and social-psychological effects through the educational experience from pre-school to higher education.  Two associated groupings and research themes can be identified.

Developmental Psychology and Education: Researchers within the grouping Developmental Psychology and Education investigate the nature of the relationships between children’s cognitive skills and their academic attainment, focussing particularly on the development of mathematics and writing skills. Funding for such projects has come from The British Academy and the Medical Research Council.

Psychology and Higher Education: With a focus on higher education researchers within the grouping Psychology and Higher Education have addressed issues as diverse as the role of emotional intelligence in HE students’ learning, plagiarism, and the impact of assessment type on students’ study strategies.  These projects reflect close links with both the Science Faculty’s Research Informed Teaching initiative and the university’s Learning Development Unit.

Page last modified 24 September 2012.

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