CRB Disclosure

Working with Children or Vulnerable Adults

If your proposed research will involve working with children or vulnerable adults, it is likely that you will need to obtain a Disclosure Statement from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB Disclosure).  There is a standard monetary charge, which you will have to pay, for obtaining it (currently £44 for enhanced disclosure).

BPS Guidelines

The recent BPS booklet "Guidelines for minimum standards of ethical approval in psychological research" makes explicit recommendations regarding the circumstances under which students are expected to obtain disclosures from the Criminal Records Bureau. 
"Where the contact is not part of normal duties, occasional and supervised, CRB Disclosure is not required"  Thus for Applied Experience, WBL and Dissertation students so long as their contact with children or vulnerable adults is always supervised they do not need to seek clearance.

However the guidelines point out that the decision about whether someone is suitable to work with these populations ultimately rests with the individual employer, thus students should therefore be warned that some employers may expect Disclosures to have been carried out before commencing the work.

CRB Disclosure is crucial when you intend, for example, to conduct research with children in schools or vulnerable adults in care settings. The decision about whether a CRB disclosure will be required rests entirely with the 'employing' institution i.e. the institution in which the work will be carried out. The school/agency may well expect to see the statement, or will expect JMU to certify that you have obtained one and that it supports your intention to work with children or vulnerable adults.

A CRB Disclosure statement is an impartial and confidential document that details an individual's criminal record, and where appropriate, details of those who are banned from working with children or vulnerable adults. It normally takes several weeks from the time of applying to the CRB for the disclosure to be sent. It is imperative therefore that, should you be thinking of working with children or vulnerable adults, you arrange to obtain CRB Disclosure in good time.

The following Psychology Staff can advise you about the CRB Disclosure process:

Dr Anne-Marie Adams (Advisor and Signatory)

Dr Angela Nananidou (Advice only)

Dr Cath Willis (Advisor and Signatory)

Further information on how to apply for a CRB enhanced disclosure can be found on the Faculty web pages: Obtaining CRB Clearance.

Page last modified 11 May 2012.

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