project participants

Dr Hannah O’Regan

Dr Hannah O’Regan (PI)

An archaeologist and Quaternary palaeontologist with a particular interest in hominin palaeoenvironments.

Email: h.j.o'
Telephone: 0151 231 2180

Dr. David Wilkinson

Dr David Wilkinson (co-I)

An ecologist with wide interests covering key questions in ecology and evolutionary biology – from the biogeography and biodiversity of free living microorganisms to the ecological background to human evolution.
Telephone: 0151 231 2245

Dr Sally Reynolds

Dr Sally Reynolds (Postdoctoral Research Assistant)

An archaeologist and palaeontologist with particular expertise in African fossil faunas and large-scale landscape analyses.


? (Postdoctoral Research Assistant)

A landscape ecologist with particular expertise in quantification of land cover and satellite imagery.

External Advisors

Dr Felix Eigenbrod

Dr Felix Eigenbrod (University of Southampton)

A spatial ecologist, with particular interests in ecosystem services.

Dr Julien Louys

Dr Julien Louys (University of Queensland, Australia)

A palaeontologist with particular expertise in quantification and fractal analyses .

Professor Graeme Ruxton

Professor Graeme Ruxton (University of St Andrews)

A mathematical modeller with broad interests including behavioural ecology, experimental design and human evolution.

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