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Faculty of Science IT Support

The Faculty of Science IT Support Team are now located in room 234 of the James Parsons Tower and can be contacted on ext. 2322.

The team consisting of,

are responsible for the following Websites

Ensuring accuracy of page content

Spot checks are carried out by the IT Support Team to ensure that our web page content is accurate. However, if you do see content which you know is out of date please contact the IT Support team immediately and inform them of the amendments required.

Please note that staff are responsible for ensuring that their profiles are up to date and that any amendments are sent to the IT Support Team as soon as possible.

Requesting new pages

If you feel that an area of work you are involved in would benefit from some additional web pages please email the IT Support Team with your request and they will contact you to discuss options and an appropriate location on the site.

The IT Support Team also provide Blackboard support for:

Supporting teaching and learning

  • setting up course materials 
  • transferring course information
  • help managing modules

Assist in providing training for, and support using

  • Turning Point Clickers
  • Wimba classroom
  • Podcasts
  • Assignment Handler
  • Assessment tools
  • Grade Center
  • Pronto
  • Turnitin GradeMark
  • E-Portfolio
  • Mashup
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Wikis
  • Blogs 
  • Recording audio/video of lectures and making available on Blackboard/School/Faculty web pages using LJMU multimedia server
  • Setting up limited access for students in special circumstances
  • Monitoring access
  • Extracting reports from Blackboard

The team also provide general I.T. support across the Faculty. All I.T. queries and requests should be directed to scsit@ljmu.ac.uk


Learning & Teaching Support

The Learning & Teaching Support Unit are also located in room 234. They can be contacted on ext. 2429

The team consists of, 

provide support for teaching and conference presentations be it:



Photography Anything can be photographed, from flat copies (books, maps etc) to people, places or objects. We offer large-scale photography including Labs and buildings and have an in-house set up for small items. All photography is digital, using a range of Canon cameras and lenses.
Video Similarly we can video anything or anyone. We use Canon MV890 units and have several for multi shot recording in widescreen. All material is recorded in Mini DV format. We have access to a Sound Booth for recording voiceovers.
Video Editing Full editing service is offered with final production to DVD with menu’s, extras etc. or video streamed for web use. Straight copies of analogue (VHS) to DVD is also provided. All DVD’s produced will play on computer or DVD player.

35mm slides can be scanned to use in computer presentations e.g. for PowerPoint or for printing as hard copy. We have a bulk scanner that will process up to 50 slides at a time. The files can be e-mailed, copied to CD, DVD or USB memory pen.

Similarly any hard copy i.e. photos, books, maps can be scanned on our flatbed scanner.

OHP materials Colour and black/white OHP transparencies can be printed from most programmes e.g. PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop.
Posters Posters can be printed from A4 up to A0 in size and in full colour from PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, InDesign and PDF’s. Photographs and pictures can be added when required. A template can be supplied for those who want to design their own poster. The template is in PowerPoint and has JMU logos already in place and a removable grid. Laminating is provided for materials up to A0 in size.
Software In addition to the network we have software for specialist use. We use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, i-Movie, i-DVD, Final Cut and have QuickTime Pro for saving video to several formats.

Page last modified 22 September 2014.

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