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Glossary A - E
Terms covered: adit, anticline, bed load, bedding plane, clast, cleavage (in rocks), conglomerate, dip, erosion, erosion surface, erratic.

Glossary F - M
Terms covered: fault, flood plain, fold, gorge, joint, Karst scenery, limestone, limestone pavement, Ma, metamorphism, moraine.

Glossary P - S
Terms covered: particle shape, particle size, pothole 1, pothole 2, quarry, resurgence, river (upstream/downstream), Roches moutonee (sheep's back), sandstone, scree, shale, slate, spring, spring line, stepped landscape, syncline.

Glossary T - W
Terms covered: topography, tufa, unconformity, U-shaped valley, V shaped valley, vegetation, waterfall, weathering biological, weathering chemical, weathering physical.


Photographs by Tim Stott and Hazel Clark

Definitions from:
Scrutton, C. (Ed) 1994 Yorkshire rocks and landscape: a field guide. Yorkshire Geological Society
Whitten, D.G.A. 1972 The Penguin Dictionary Geology. Penguin.

Page last modified 01 December 2008.

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