River Twiss [SD 693 734]

Use the cursor to move through the panorama and study the form of the channel and the bed load.

Look at the boulders in the river. Use the zoom function to see them in close up.

  • Why are some covered with moss whilst others are bare?
  • What is the shape of the boulders?
  • Looking at the boulders in the river can you tell which way the river is flowing?
  • What is the evidence for this?
  • Considering the present flow velocity of the river when would such large boulders be transported as bed load and then deposited?

The east bank of the river is eroding.

  • What evidence is there for this?
  • What measures could be taken to prevent this erosion?

Click on the hotspot (or use the right hand menu) to see the area behind the trees where the land flattens out. This is the river floodplain. Describe this area.


Hold down left button and move mouse to control panorama. Clicking on the + or - at the bottom of the movie will zoom in or out




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