Ingleton Quarry

Ingleton Quarry, Chapel-le-Dale [SD 705 742].

You are looking down into the large hole in the ground which is Ingleton Quarry. The hard rock that forms the base of the Greta and upper Ribble valleys has been worked here since 1955.

The stone extracted is widely known as ‘Ingleton Granite’ (in this case granite is a quarrying term for a hard wearing rock rather than its geological meaning of an igneous rock). These hardwearing properties make it useful in road building.

Look at the panorama and zoom in and out.

  • How do you think they extract the rock?
  • Rather than using one large explosion, what are the advantages of using a series of small explosions?
  • Why do you think there is a small lake on the quarry floor?
  • Suggest reasons for the turquoise appearance of the water.

Zoom in on the trucks.

  • Try to estimate how many tonnes of rock they can move (NB. 1m3 of rock weighs around 2.5 tonnes).

Hold down left button and move mouse to control panorama. Clicking on the + or - at the bottom of the movie will zoom in or out


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