Invitation to Educational Visions Lecture

04 November 2010

Educational Visions Inaugural Professorial Lecture Series - ‘Wise people learn when they can: researching leadership in education'
by Mark Brundrett, Professor of Educational Research

Date: Thursday 18 November, 4.30-6.00pm
Venue: LJMU , Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure, IM Marsh Campus

Professor Brundrett has carried out more than twenty funded research projects for schools, Local Authorities and National Agencies, mostly in his specialist area of educational leadership. These have ranged across topics including the Beacon Schools Scheme, Education Action Zones, leadership development, succession planning and, most recently, curriculum innovation in times of strategic change. In his lecture, Professor Brundrett will reflect on the findings from his wide-ranging research and will outline key messages on leadership in education.

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