Travel Plan Extra: save money and go greener

18 January 2011

With fuel prices at record levels after the VAT and fuel tax increases, now is the time to consider leaving the car at home and trying an alternative way to travel to work.

image of green footsteps on white backgroundTaking public transport, walking or cycling can not only save your pocket, it may also help with you general fitness level.

LJMU offers bespoke travel initiatives to assist staff to consider “greener” travel modes. Some of the following may be of interest to you

Season Ticket Loan
A tax free loan taken directly from your salary to allow you to buy an annual travel pass and make great savings. Further details:

The Cycle to Work Scheme
In conjunction with Cyclescheme Ltd, as an LJMU employee you can make savings between 30 - 50%, depending on your personal tax band, on buying a new cycle and accessories. Further details:

Cycle Hire
Don’t fancy buying a bike? CREATE have now extended their cycle hire scheme to LJMU staff. You can hire a bike and all the accessories at a low rate for a short period of time. Further details:

These are all integral to LJMU’s Travel Plans which fit into the wider environmental agenda and are just one part of our Getting Greener campaign. For further details about all of LJMU’s green initiatives visit

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