Corporate Social Responsibility at LJMU

10 February 2011

For many years, LJMU has led the way in a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility activities, whether as a supporter of the environment, as a positive force in the community, as a responsible employer, or as a trusted and ethical trading partner.  However, until now, it has not been possible to view all of this activity in the collective context of a coherent CSR agenda.

As from February 2011 we have established a single web page that will showcase the University’s CSR credentials into one place, providing a point of reference for students, staff and other stakeholders who are interested in this increasingly important subject.

“The website, and related links and content, is intended to be organic”, says Paul Evans, Director of Business Excellence, who has sponsored this development. “Our intention is that the links from the CSR pages will grow, as staff and students tell us about projects and activities that have a clear corporate responsibility theme.  The University has a great story to tell, and this initiative will provide a single focus on that story”.

The website may be accessed at

Comments about the site and ideas for inclusion may be sent to

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