Swimming Pool Closure

06 June 2011

The University is to close the swimming pool at IM Marsh from the end of August. The announcement was made to staff and community users last week.

There have been significant maintenance problems with the pool for some time and whilst minor repairs have been made, the swimming pool and its underlying fabric requires major and sustained investment that is not economically viable for the University.

The University’s own requirements concerning the swimming pool will be managed elsewhere through partnership arrangements to be announced shortly.

In the meantime, a refurbishment programme has commenced at IM Marsh to upgrade teaching and learning facilities and to enhance the general aspects of the campus.

Over the summer, the following programme of work will be undertaken:

  • upgrading five teaching rooms to a high technical standard to reflect changes in delivery, thus improving support and enhancement of blended learning
  • refurbishment of the main reception area and all corridors in the Barkhill and Mossley buildings
  • the creation of a quiet student study room with 16 computers to support and enhance increased demand on blended learning
  • installation of graphic signage on some internal facing buildings to enhance the overall environment and to improve the appearance of the buildings

Details about the IM Marsh site can be found here: http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/immarsh/

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